Ah, Beanie Babies. I have such fond memories of finding them in McDonald's Happy Meals, saving their little red tags, and of course, hurling them at my older sister when she was mean to me. But who knew they could be worth so much more than those priceless memories?

Well, all of us actually. We all thought our Beanie Baby collections were going to be worth gold one day. And we were right! It's too bad all of mine made their way to the great big farm in the sky, also known as Goodwill.

But If you're not like me, and you find yourself still holding on to that precious collection, don't worry, we're here to help. We're counting down the 20 most valuable Beanie Babies you should keep holding onto.

#20. Spangle - $1,290

That's right, the cheapest Beanie Baby on this list is still worth the price of a MacBook laptop. College would have been so much easier if I could have been selling off my Beanie Babies one by one instead of having to sell Plasma at the Red Cross. #lifehack

#19. Gobbles - $6,667

And they say right after Halloween we start celebrating Christmas! Not here in Beanie Baby Land! Gobbles is currently going for more money than I've ever had in my checking account at once, so there's something.

#18. Snort - $7,500

Really, his name is Snort. And also I HAD THIS ONE. Brb, calling my mom so she can dig through a collection of Game Cube games, Spy Kids DVDs, and old clothes to make us rich.

#17. Holiday Teddy - $10,000

I'm affectionately naming this Beanie Baby "Used Honda Civic" because that's what I could have right now if I hadn't sent this beautiful boy to its Goodwill demise in 1999.

#16. Pouch - $10,000

Okay, this is cheating, right? Two Beanie Babies in one should be illegal, even if they are a set.

#15. Halo - $13,500

How can a stuffed bear be worth more than I am? My life has no meaning anymore. I will never create anything this valuable. It was a good run, and only Halo can save me now.

#14. Britannia the Bear - $13,995

God Save the Bear? Who knew my two greatest fears (Ronald McDonald and being able to sell my old Beanie Babies) would meet today?

#13. Hope -$15,000

Hi, God, it's me. I know we haven't talked in a while, but maybe you could help me find one of these old Beanie Babies in a closet somewhere thank you.

#12. Jake - $19,000

Hi, my name is Jake. I'm a duck, and, what was the question again? Oh yeah, I'm worth $19,000.

#11. Patti the Platypus - $19,500

Guys, this Beanie Baby comes in four colors, but only this one, "magenta" is worth anything. The other colors are raspberry, fuchsia, and maroon.

#10. Seaweed - $30,000

Tbh, if I had the money I might buy it because this otter is cute as can be.

#9. Claude the Crab - $30,000

Omg, is Claude French? If this crab is French I need him. He's just like the shrimp from Finding Nemo.

#8. Valentino - $42,299

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart, here's my entire year's salary. Also, sorry I don't make that much money.

#7. Blackie the Bear - $50,000

Blackie the Bear sporting the ever-fashionable hard-plastic tag protector. This was very 1994 of him.

#6. Hippity - $50,000

"Hey, I'll trade you this stuffed bunny rabbit from 1996 for a year's worth of college".

#5. Bubbles - $176,000

Holy Jesus these got expensive! Also, are fish allowed to be Beanie Babies? Is that fish-ist?

#4. Peace Bear & Pals - $358,000

You could buy a HOUSE with this Beanie Baby. That is all I have to say.

#3. Ariel & Pals - $578,000

Four Beanie Babies. Worth over $100,000 each. And we're only on number three.

#2. Princess Bear - $675,000

The most expensive single Beanie Baby in the world. The Princess Diana bear.

#1. Wallace & Friends - $680,000

Here are things that cost less than Wallace. A brand new Tesla, a beach house in Hawaii, a (cheap) Picasso, my dignity, all the Golden Retrievers you could ever want.