Bearded Stranger Keeps Christmas Magic Alive for Adorable Toddler Who Mistakes Him for Santa

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This year, we all need a little extra Christmas cheer, and the latest video of a toddler spotting who he believed to be Santa on his day off is exactly the kind of magic we’ve been looking for.

Keep scrolling to watch the heartwarming moment for yourself…

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So, for many of us, Christmas couldn’t come quick enough!

Because, come on, there’s a lot to love about the festive period.

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And not to mention the movies and the presents.

That special visit from Santa Claus!

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Sophie Jo Riley was with her parents in a grocery store when she spotted who she thought was Santa Claus back in December 2015.

He wasn’t in traditional Santa clothes.

Instead, he had on a red button-up shirt and blue jeans.  

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But she knew she just had to meet him.

And, incredibly, the bearded stranger played along with her belief.

The footage from the interaction is everything we need right now…

And her dad recorded the whole adorable interaction. People online can’t get enough of it, keep scrolling to watch the video for yourself…

He said to her…

“Have you been a good girl this year?” She nodded excitedly, explaining that she’d be leaving cookies out for him to eat.

But of course she needed to ask something of him…

And he promised her he would. I believe him wholeheartedly.

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