A Pack of Beer Chilling Sticks Is the Perfect Gift for the Beer Lover in Your Life

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We are living in the future people! As the earth gets warmer it may be hard to find ways to keep your beers cold. Its always great when you get it out the cooler, you hear that satisfying “tssss” as you break of the cap and take your first couple swigs… so refreshing.

However, the last swigs are always tepid and lukewarm from your hand clinging to the glass. Well what if I tell you that there is a way you can have that ice cold beer feeling till the last drop?

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The Kollea Beer Chiller Sticks are the greatest invention since beer coolers.

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You will be having the time of your life and making all your friends jealous by having an icy cold boy on a hot afternoon. The best thing being you can buy them right now on Amazon for less than $20!

The Kollea Beer Chiller Sticks look like giant nails, but work by freezing them and sticking them in fresh beers or bottled soda’s for a refreshingly cool drink the whole time.

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No more tepid beers! These revolutionary sticks are made with FDA-grade stainless steel materials, making them completely safe for us humans. And it’s easy to pack away and store, making them great for parties, camping, and BBQs!

They also make fantastic gifts for those beer lovers in your life!

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“I saw these in a magazine and I thought these would be good for my inlaws RV. They frequently travel and go to festivals so I thought these would be great for them while sitting in the heat. As soon as I got them I put them in the freezer,” one person wrote.
“We had dinner with them tonight so we gave them to them and of course we tested them out too. I got to say they kept my beer cold and my motherinlaw is pretty adamant that it actually made her beer colder. It was very easy to use, it stayed secure and didn’t leak and it even had a bottle opener built-in.”
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