People Are Sharing Before and After Stain Removal Photos So Good They’ll Bring a Tear to Your Eye

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Moms – this one is for you. When you have pets and little ones, your carpet can get messy… and fast. It’s almost impossible to keep your carpet crystal clean for when the in-laws come over which is an utter nightmare in itself.

Well, we’ve found a product that will easily keep everyone happy.

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The Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is here to save the day.

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It can remove pet accidents, grease, oil, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, and grime and so much more. Its also water-based, non-flammable, and odor-free.
Starting from just $9 for a bottle, it’s going to be the best thing you ever bought.


Made right here in the USA, it’s safe to use around children and pets and has 4.5 out of 5 stars with nearly 55,000 ratings.

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“I remember being completely dumbfounded by my pencil eraser as a kid. Where did the marks go? I looked in the air, I looked under my paper. What’s it made of? Does it have to be pink?” One happy customer began.
“This carpet cleaner caused the same dumbfounded confusion when “spray, rub, gone” actually worked. I’ve obviously lost some of my childhood curiosity over the years because I didn’t try to figure out how the carpet stain disappeared. Who cares? It’s gone! I practically skipped to the next room to try it out.
“The memory smudge of food, footprints, dog vomit. Gone. It even worked SOMEWHAT on the decade-old mystery stain left behind by the previous owners that professional carpet cleaning couldn’t remove.”​


“I just have to write a review on this! We just bought a house and the previous owner and his adult son were quite lazy when it came to cleaning up spills.” Another customer explained.

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​”The very light carpet was stained from dumped drinks so I immediately had the carpet professionally cleaned and I actually watched him using a stain removing products which did not work. I ordered this Folex spot remover based on the high reviews. With fingers crossed, I used it on the carpet stain. I actually put on a latex glove and I worked it down into the carpet because the carpet is a short, tight plush pile so it didn’t seem like it was getting down in there. I did this for about 5 minutes and then I covered it with an old towel and stepped on it. I then just walked away leaving the towel in place. I came back about 10-15 minutes later, lifted the towel, and OMG, it was GONE.”


And it’s not just for carpets, the Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is great for those stubborn little stains on clothing.

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Imagine being out for a meal and that pesky tomato sauce gets on your dress – just a quick squirt and you’ll be back to impress all your friends.
“I have utilized Folex for 6 yrs. or more and on any/everything. Various fabrics and materials; Carpets-furniture-pillows-mattress-drapes-clothing. I have not experienced any type of discoloration be it leaching, bleaching, or otherwise. It leaves no physical or odor residue; needs no rinsing nor clean up after use.”
There’s literally no reason why you shouldn’t try this! Click here to buy.