Middle school is awkward enough as it is, and it doesn't take much to get the students worked up — especially when something is a little bit inappropriate.

When you're in the educational profession, there's something you should remember.

You have to remember the kids, especially middle school aged kids, can turn almost anything into a sexual innuendo. It's just part of being a teacher.

But that phenomenon doesn't really explain this sign.

It doesn't take a perverted junior high student to make this funny.

In fact, I don't know WHAT this sign was supposed to mean.


It has to have been an intentional play on words, right?

You're probably pretty eager to see what I'm talking about.

If so, just put on your thinking cap. And try to think about how you would react if you saw this at 14 years old.

And get ready.


But trust me. Whatever you're thinking, this sign is worse.

Now, we all remember what it was like to be in middle school.

The slightest ambiguous remark or phrasing would be enough to keep us laughing for hours. For days on end.

Take, for example, a sign spotted all around in the halls of Seabrook Intermediate School in Texas, that either demonstrates a failure to use UrbanDictionary by the staff or a clever student prank.

You can imagine how a teenager would react — probably a lot like Twitter. 

Unfortunately, the mystery has no solution.

As many jokes as this sign provoked across social media, no one seems to know the true motivation behind it.

But honestly, do you really want to know?

If it turns out to be some mischievous administrator being weird on purpose? Wouldn't that be kind of disappointing?

And also kind of creepy?


Posting a sign telling middle schoolers to "bust a nut," regardless of context, is probably a bad idea. Definitely a bad idea.

But. Having said that.


Never abandoning your friends, Understanding your friend's feelings? Telling your friends how you feel? This is all outstanding advice.
Now get out there and bust a NUT. Your school is depending on you.