Beijing Doctor Worried There Could Be Another Outbreak in China | 22 Words

Mere days after China was finally declared as coronavirus-free, a leading doctor in Beijing has come forward with some seriously worrying news.

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We are currently experiencing a medical pandemic.

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The deadly coronavirus, or COVID-19, as medical experts are referring to it, has taken our planet hostage, and is showing no signs of letting go anytime soon.

The virus primarily affects the respiratory system.

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And common symptoms include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties.

But, in more severe cases...

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And in patients who are elderly and have existing health issues, the virus can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Over 300,000 people all over the world have now been infected with the virus...

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350,667, to be precise. And, devastatingly, a staggering 15,321 more have been reported to have died from the illness.

It's a dire situation.

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COVID-19 was notoriously quick to spread, and it has been showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

World leaders have been left with little choice but to bring their countries to a total stand-still...

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And many have banned large and crowded events, and any travel to and from infected countries.

Italy, which is one of the worst-affected countries, has even gone into total lockdown...

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Leaving their streets completely deserted.

And it didn't take long for the virus to reach us here in the States.

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Our first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Washington in late January after a citizen returned from a trip to China.

And, since then, the numbers have been rising at a frightening pace.

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Since the first COVID-19 patient in Washington, there have been 35,075 more confirmed cases across the country and 458 deaths.

Several cities have declared states of emergencies...

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And, last week, President Trump declared a national emergency to combat the coronavirus pandemic, freeing up $50 billion in federal funding and promising a screening website and drive-by tests.

This was the President's first smart move.

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Because, up until then, he had remained worryingly relaxed about the whole situation.

Instead of addressing the crisis and taking action like other world leaders...

Trump has been resorting to his usual tactics, such as blaming the panic on the "Fake News Media".

And at one point, he even compared the pandemic to the common flu.

And suggested that, because nowhere closed down over the flu, nowhere should close over the coronavirus.

Trump's downplaying of the situation hasn't only been embarrassing...

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But it's been a severe endangerment to the lives of millions of people all over the country.

So, understandably, he has come under serious fire for his handling of the pandemic.

And his most recent public addresses have fared no differently.

During a press conference last week, Trump stumbled his way through yet another embarrassing speech...

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Where he simply told Americans to "relax", adding that "we're doing great" and have "tremendous control" of the virus.

He repeatedly stressed the fact that he has control of the virus...

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Which is funny considering that our coronavirus cases are rising dramatically by the day. "We're learning from watching other countries, frankly. This is a very contagious virus, it's incredible, but it's something that we have tremendous control over."

We can only hope that we are actually "learning from other countries" like Trump has been insisting...

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Because there has recently been some groundbreaking news from the country in which the virus first originated.

COVID-19 has it origins in Wuhan, China.

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The virus is believed to have originated in the city from the sale of the meat of wild animals such as bats.

The country has been hit notoriously hard by the virus...

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And has over 80,000 confirmed cases in mainland China alone.

China have been in major lockdown for the past few months...

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And the cities were deep cleaned thoroughly as residents remained inside their homes.

But, last week, we were given the good news we'd been waiting for.

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For the first time since the global pandemic began, China’s National Health Commission reported no new domestic cases of the virus, NBC reported.

This is fantastic news.

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Though tens of thousands of citizens remain infected, and the death toll continues to rise, the lack of new cases is a tremendous step in the right direction.

However, this hasn't been good news to everyone.

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One of the country's leading coronavirus experts has come forward to warn her nation that, despite there currently being no new cases, a second outbreak could be on the horizon.

Professor Li Lanjuan, a member of Beijing's expert team on the virus, has given some serious words of warning.

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Speaking to China News, she explained that the control and prevention of imported cases was an "arduous" task for medical workers. "This requires us to continue to intensify our efforts and work tirelessly to prevent the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic from spreading in other cities."

She is concerned that another outbreak will occur as a result.

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She continued: "Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou have frequent international communications. [I am] very worried that imported cases could trigger another large-scale epidemic in our country."

To help prevent a second outbreak, Professor. Lanjuan has urged for those infected to be identified to the public...

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As she believes that they are the ones who could inadvertently reignite the pandemic.

We can only hope that Wuhan's news is the start of the end of this brutal pandemic...

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And that a permanent cure can put it to bed, once and for all. For more on the coronavirus pandemic, keep scrolling to read about what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to say on the matter, and how it's affected their lives too...