You won't believe what he's been up to since Even Stevens ended...

Who remembers Beans?

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He was the secret star of '00s Disney Channel classic, Even Stevens.

He played alongside Shia LeBeouf.

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Beans was the quintessential annoying neighbor.

But while Shia went on to have a pretty epic career...

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Post Even Stevens, Beans sort of faded into obscurity.

So what became of Beans?

Well, the internet has discovered he's gone under something of a transformation.

And he's leading a very different life!

He's taken an unusual path...

Steven Anthony Lawrence was just 11 when he debuted the role.

So it's not that shocking that he's looking a little different.

He was born for the role.

His goofy look and oddball charm made him the perfect Beans.

But, as Beans wasn't the star of the show...

He never really made much money - and after it ended, he pretty much faded into obscurity.

The show ended in 2003.

After 3 years, a whopping 65 episodes, and a feature-length film - not bad!

Beans was just 14 years old, and already an unemployed actor.

Although he did go on to stick with Disney in roles in Cheaper by the Dozen, and the film adaptation of Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat.

And even though you may not have seen him since the early 00s ...

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He's been quietly working, with roles in Weeds, Eagleheart, and the Bratz movie.

He's also friends with some of the Hollywood greats.

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He's stayed close with Shia, and even held Will Ferrell's newborn baby on the set of Kicking and Screaming. 

He's also used his skills in another way.

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Lawrence teaches one-on-one acting classes in LA!

He still gets recognized as Beans ...

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Even though it's safe to say, he's changed a lot in the past 18 years...

Check it out.

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Although he claims to want to distance himself from the role that made him famous, there's a part of Lawrence who will always be Beans.

It's safe to say his career has slowed since 2011...

But there's a very good reason for that!

Family is hugely important to Lawrence.

After kick-starting his Hollywood career, both his parents sadly died relatively young.

Lawrence has certainly overcome many hardships from his childhood.

He's even a bestselling author, with his debut novel, Beans: A Life Worth Eating, even handpicked by Oprah for her book club!

He's also married with kids now!

Life has taken a different direction, but by no means slowed down.

But to many of us...

He'll always be Beans! Want more child stars? Scroll on for a whole list of incredible glow ups .. and glow downs.