Bernie Sanders Rips Into Jeff Bezos for Trying To Stop Union | 22 Words

Former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has ripped into Jeff Bezos this week for trying to stop Amazon workers from unionizing...

And Sanders has had some seriously stern words for the multi-billionaire.


Read on to hear what he had to say...

Now, we all know Jeff Bezos as one of the wealthiest men on the planet...


And, of course, for being the CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon.

But how did he get to this level?


After graduating from Princeton University, Bezos spent some time working on Wall Street but 4 years later in 1995, he quit to open his own online bookstore from his garage -

The birth of changed everything for him.

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The initial success of the online store was staggering. Within the first thirty days, had sold books all across the United States, and across forty-five foreign countries.

And the online retailer only went from strength to strength.

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In the mere years following its launch, began stocking a wider variety of products, such as electronics, clothing, and toys, making it the number one online retailer.

It's yearly earnings kept multiplying...

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And, as of August last year, the company alone was reported to be worth $1000B.

Bezos's accomplishment with Amazon is simply staggering...

And he didn't stop there. In 2013, Bezos revealed that he had purchased the Washington Post, which he has since made profitable with a revenue of over $100 million.

Bezos has gone on to embark on many ambitious quests in his career.

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For example, in May last year, he proudly unveiled Amazon's "Blue Moon," his very own lunar lander project.

"My generation's job is to build the infrastructure," Bezos declared at the unveiling, "we're going to build the road to space."

But, despite all of his success...

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He has faced a significant amount of controversy regarding his work ethics and spending habits.

In the last few years, it has emerged that Bezos provides a shockingly low standard of working conditions for his employees.

Over the last couple of years, more and more stories of Amazon workers being forced to work unethical hours for ridiculously low wages - as little as $10 an hour, in some instances - have been emerging.

Oh, and Amazon paid $0 in federal taxes in 2018.


Despite the retailer being one of the most valuable companies in the world, and pulling in $232.9 billion in global revenue in 2018, they paid absolutely nothing in federal tax that year.

Doesn't look great for one of the wealthiest men in the world, does it?

But, regardless of all the controversy surrounding the business tycoon...

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Bezos still remains one of the most powerful men in the world, and a little tax evasion and unethical labor definitely won't be fazing him anytime soon.

And it seems as if the heat from political figures won't be fazing him either!


Bernie Sanders, the former Democratic candidate for the 2020 election, had decided to launch a very public attack on Bezos over his decision to stop Amazon works from joining a union.

​Amazon workers in Alabama are participating in a closely watched vote to determine whether they will join the first-ever labor union in the company's history.


More than 5,800 workers at the company's warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, are voting through March to decide their membership in the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union, according to The Independent.

Amazon has sought to curb the union efforts by discouraging workers with a text message campaign, in-person meetings, and an anti-union website...


Something that Bernie Sanders isn't impressed by.

At a hearing on Wednesday morning, Sen. Sanders spoke critically about Bezos - who declined Sanders' invitation to testify.


"Bezos and [Elon] Musk now own more wealth than the bottom forty percent. Meanwhile, we're looking at more hunger in America than at any time in decades," Sanders said in his opening remarks at the Senate Budget Committee hearing, which was titled The Income and Wealth Inequality Crisis in America.

He continued:


"If he was with us this morning, I would ask him the following question ... 'Mr. Bezos, you are worth 182 billion dollars — that's a B. 182 billion dollars, you're the wealthiest person in the world. Why are you doing everything in your power to stop your workers in Bessemer, Alabama, from joining a union?'."

Sanders then pointed out the disparity between Bezos' wealth growth during the pandemic and the struggles of rank-and-file workers.


"Jeff Bezos has become 77 billion dollars richer during this horrific pandemic while denying hundreds of thousands of workers who work at Amazon paid sick leave," he said.

​Jennifer Bates, an employee at the Bessemer warehouse who testified at Wednesday's hearing, said the unionization efforts were an attempt to "have a level playing field."


She cited tough working conditions, long hours, and a lack of job security as major drivers of the unionization efforts.

"Amazon brags it pays workers above the minimum wage," she said, "What they don't tell you is what those jobs are really like. And they certainly don't tell you what they can afford."

Things aren't looking good for Bezos at the moment...


But let's face it, he's sadly so wealthy he can do whatever he pleases!

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