The company that turned the picture of Sen. Bernie Sanders at Biden's inauguration into a bobblehead has made a very generous donation to charity...

Sen. Sanders, who is the former leader of the Democratic Party, has become the internet's latest meme craze.


He became the main talking point of Twitter after people saw the huge mittens he wore at Joe Biden's inauguration.

And with many companies quick to cash in on it, we've seen many Bernie Sanders products hit the market.


One company that turned the picture into bobbleheads, has made so much money from it, they're donating some to charity.

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Here's the image that started it all:

Bernie Sanders peacefully watching the inauguration.

But since then Twitter has been overtaken with edits of the image...

And they just kept on coming!

As have shops.

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You can now buy the picture in the form of a jumper, key ring and bag.

In fact, you name it, it's probably available somewhere on the internet.

One company even started selling bobblehead versions.

As soon as the picture went viral, staff at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum got straight to work.

Creating a mini googly-headed Bernie.

And people have gone crazy for it!

TMZ Sports reports that roughly 20,000 Bernie figures have been sold so far.

Making it the 2nd best-selling bobblehead they've ever produced!

In fact, the sales of the figures have been so astonishing that the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum are doing something super kind.

They're donating $10,000 to charity.

The money will be donated to Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Bernie Campaign Store

The same charity selected by Sanders for the sweatshirts that his campaign are selling.

We're sure the donation will help many people.

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