Bernie Sanders Finally Reacts To the Memes of Him | 22 Words

Sen. Bernie Sanders quickly became an internet sensation after being pictured at Biden's inauguration wearing his mittens. Well, now we might finally have a way to immortalize the meme forever.

Puzzle company, Blue Kazoo, who created the stunning Earth Series, has turned their attention to the meme world and cooked up this masterpiece.

Sen. Sanders, who is the former leader of the Democratic Party, has become the internet's latest meme craze.


He became the main talking point of Twitter after people saw the huge mittens he wore at Wednesday's inauguration.

Twitter has been overtaken by the images...

And they just kept on coming!

But the best creation has come from puzzle company Blue Kazoo.

It Bernception. Meme upon meme. It's perfection.

We weren't the only ones to fall in love with it.


Blue Kazoo, give the people want they want.

This isn't their only incredible creation, keep scrolling to see more...