The Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2019 Met Gala | 22 Words

Every year, the worlds of fashion and celebrity wait with bated breath to see exactly what the Met Gala has to offer. For one night only, the biggest talking point of an evening is based entirely around what people are wearing. And boy, oh boy, do the star-studded invitees deliver. They're given a theme and are left to their own devices to impress (or underwhelm) the public - and waiting to see what your favorite celebrity pulls out of the bag is a truly enjoyable way to spend an evening.

This years theme? Camp: Notes on Fashion. And if you can count on a group of people to brilliantly pull of supremely campy (yet high fashion) looks, it would have to be this list of invitees. We've got all the very best outfits from the evening right here for your enjoyment. You really will not believe the looks some managed to put together!


The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City invites the fashionable and famous to raise money for the Costume Institute.

It also marks the opening of the annual fashion exhibit.

It sets a theme based on the Costume Institute's exhibit and the stars have to come up with a jaw dropping outfit based on that theme.

Which can lead to some pretty incredible outfits.

Sure, they aren't to everyone's tastes - but there's no denying it's the best fashion event of the year.

This year's theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion, and it produced some truly stunning looks.

And we have a selection of all the most outlandish, beautiful, and over-the-top outfits that have truly got the internet talking. Want to see more? Keep scrolling.

As you may expect, one of the stars of the show was Lady Gaga.

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When you hear "camp," it's likely that she's one of the first celebrity names to come to mind. And she didn't do it by halves, quickly running through four different looks.

Her layered gowns were designed by Brandon Maxwell.

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Gaga started in an oversized pink cape, then a voluminous black gown, then a tight fitting slinky pink number, finally finishing in a classic Gaga underwear-esque look.

But there were some other surprise hits from the night.

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Kylie Jenner, who's better known for a more laid back, Instagram-baddie aesthetic, pulled out all the stops with this purple Versace gown and matching wig.

She cleverly coordinated with her model sister.

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Kendall Jenner was also in an outlandishly feathered and embellished Versace gown, although hers was orange in hue.

Of course, the queen of camp didn't disappoint, either.

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Celine Dion wore an incredible glittering gown which apparently weighed over twenty pounds - yet she carried it off effortlessly. Impressed by these looks? We're just getting started.

Dion also gave us the most iconic moment of the night.

Some were a little concerned that she may have misunderstood the Gala's theme - although her amazing costume suggested otherwise!

Another amazing look came courtesy of Cardi B.

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Her quilted tulle, silk and organza gown by Thom Browne was reportedly over ten feet in length. Her Stephen Jones and Thom Browne collab headpiece finished the look perfectly. And this wasn't even this most outlandish look of the evening!

Tennis star, Serena Williams, looked super gorgeous.

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She also went for Versace with this gorgeous neon yellow number. Our highlight? The matching Nike Air Force Ones.

Another of the best looks?

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Kacey Musgrave. Her Barbie-inspired ensemble was the perfect intersection of camp and fashion. We're less than halfway through!

For true camp, though, there was this look.

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Stage performer, singer and actor, Billy Porter, really pulled out all the stops with this incredible ensemble by the Blonds.

This look also captured the internet's attention.

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Lupita Nyong'o looked good enough to eat in her Versace look. Enjoying these campy creations? We have plenty more where that came from!

Another highlight came courtesy of actress, Saoirse Ronan.

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Her Gucci dress was a little medieval, a little fairytale and perfectly embodied the intersection of fashion and camp.

Of course, Emily Ratajkowski pulled something incredible out of the bag.

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She'd be hard pressed to look bad in anything, but this incredible reinterpretation of Cher's Bob Mackie classic is hard to beat. Think this is the most out there look of the evening? Think again!

The host's were no slouches, either.

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Singer, Harry Styles, and fashion designer, Alessandro Michele, blurred the lines of gender in the frilly, flouncy suits.

Other stars had an even more playful take.

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Brazilian supermodel, Caroline Trentini, took a hint of inspiration from a child's Halloween costume - but made it fashion by dripping it in jewels.

Jared Leto was even more costumey.

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Not only did he go for a floor length red gown, but he carried a full replica of his own head with him. Now that's high fashion.

There were some more traditional looks, too.

Rapper and actress, Awkwafina, looked radiant in her tiered golden foiled dress, which was both camp and exceptionally pretty.

And speaking of pretty?

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Some think that it was Zendaya who really stole the show in her Cinderella inspired outfit - complete with real life fairy godmother, Law Roach. And this wasn't the only Disney-esque look on the red carpet - so keep scrolling!

Some plumped for a more contemporary inspiration.

Ciara pulled off a truly incredible Diana Ross tribute, complete with some of the biggest hair we've ever seen.

Of course, Nicki Minaj wasn't to be upstaged.

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Her enormous pastel pink gown looked basically good enough to eat.

Some went for something a little more slinky.

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We wouldn't expect anything less from J-Lo - but her clever choice of haute-couture wig made sure that the look was still edgy. And if it's edgy you're looking for, you'll love what's coming up next.

Actor, Ezra Miller, is known for making a statement.

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But it was the optical illusion make-up job that he showed off that got people talking this year.

Some looks exuded glamor.

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Singer, Halsey, looked unbelievably goddess-like in this Wonder Woman inspired ensemble. But the best is still yet to come!

Some took their inspiration from elsewhere.

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One of the most talked about looks of the entire evening was this incredible ensemble worn by Katy Perry.

Cara Delevigne had a different vibe, too.

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The model and acrtess went for a look that was a little circus-like, a little toybox-like, and a whole lot of fun.

But our favorite look of the night?

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Well it has to be this dress worn by Diane Von Furstenberg. Because if you can't wear two enormous silk prints of your own face to the Met Gala, when can you?