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Sometimes, we just need a good long laugh. And on those occasions, there are a few sites on the internet that never let us down. One of those is Tumblr; sure, the discourse on Tumblr can be downright insane, but there's a reason we still go there for entertainment.

Tumblr posts are a collection of hilarity that come from everywhere around the world. Odds are, you'll find something there to make you chuckle! So we've collected a whole bunch of posts that are peak Tumblr humor -- the best ever. Check out these 100 side-splitting Tumblr posts and enjoy the ride. You'll be howling with laughter in no time!

Life hack!

Yeah, that's actually a pretty fair point. I sure don't know anyone with a stethoscope lying around.

Heard any of these before?

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Also, is it bad that I can hear these in my head as though a New Yorker is standing right next to me yelling them out? Because I definitely can.

Well, they're not wrong.

Hmm. I think one of these things is not quite like the other...

Take that, webcam!

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You know what? If that's what it takes to get the toxicity out...then go for it.

This goes from wholesome to something else.

Also, this is definitely a callout post for some of us. Well, at least it's relatable!

What a rollercoaster ride.

But at least it didn't end on 'Bronies'!


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And she is...spectacular.

Wow, what a wake-up call.

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Yup, I'm a total failure. 100%. Years past 19 and I haven't been killed in some gruesome fashion yet!

Okay, this might be the funniest dream I've ever heard of.

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"Now my client is a giant moth, so you can't blame him for loving lights." You know what? The logic is pretty tight there.

Ever done this?

Not gonna lie, I've never woken myself up laughing. It sounds awesome, though.

Parlez-vous français?

There are a few things to unpack about this post, but I still lost it at "hon hon hon".

Uh, no thank you.

Okay, but this is also such a creepy thing to do?

Truly, this dude is open-minded.

He's also a teeny bit ignorant of certain things, but open-minded nevertheless!

Pretty great plan TBH.

A whole bunch of cats: actually a live optical illusion. Lovely.

Sorry, Dan Radcliffe.

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Yeah, this is pretty relatable. But at least we still support him!

It's totally safe.

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And this, folks, is why we don't click sketchy buttons without virus protection!

So true, so wise.

Yep: Black Mirror offers some interesting perspectives on society and technology, but we still have to log into Netflix to watch it.

Tag yourself...

I, too, relate to the cackling witch. There's just something really familiar about her!

Hello, my name is...

Well, at least in this scenario they're still showing up!

Thanks, Chad!

Sometimes we just need a ghost bro named Chad to guide us through life's interactions.

Bookworm problems.

Look, life is busy! We mean to read a lot of books, but it's hard!

Huh, terrifying!

I mean, our cars getting hit by a foot of snow is one thing. What about us, when it's snowing that dense packing snow?!

Heard this rhyme before?

This is how that old nursery rhyme goes, right?

Hold on to your butts!

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She has the look of a seasoned kitty, ready to lap up the world's milk-related problems in a second.

Ever noticed this?

The longer you look at this alphabet, the more messed up it gets!

It's called teamwork.

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Come on, guys, we talked about this! Everyone needs to stab Caesar together.

Best Harry Potter dream EVER.

Dang, turns out the Sorting Hat is super harsh in its judgments!

This post makes you mad at first, then gets better.

Oh no! A decision must be made.

Uh, that's not how humans work.

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Seems like there's just a little miscommunication there. Mostly that the second person seems to think you can go for years without food!

This is straight-up terrifying.

Yet at the same time, someone made this out of Shia LaBeouf faces. And that actually kinda takes a bit of skill.

Canadian shower-thoughts.

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I mean, obviously pancakes are the most important thing. Everyone knows that!

Why, dentists?!

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Those wisdom teeth must be so wise, and we just rip 'em out. Tragic.

Relatable fears:

It's just this very primal instinct, you know?

A hot concept for TV execs:

Okay, but I'd actually watch this. It would be so infuriating and hilarious.

Definitely missing something here...

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I feel like that might throw a wrench in the appointment as a whole.

We've all been there.

Just act natural! Nothing to see here whatsoever!

The power of Lunchables.

I mean, if we're talking about how kids get when they're on a sugar rush then I guess it still works?

What an icon.

I would let her influence all of my social media in a heartbeat!

Fun bedtime story alternatives:

"Hey, everyone! Uncle Shady's back!"

Mamma mia!

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Okay, but now I'm genuinely curious. Which is it?!

This teacher knows her stuff.

Making your own students into a social experiment: a true teacher power move.

This invokes many emotions.

The grammar may be totally inaccurate...but we still know what the meaning is.

Gators need TLC too!

They may have the right to refuse service, but they shouldn't!

Today in "unhelpful definitions":

...Yeah, I think most of us could have guessed that, thanks.

Dramatic much?!

Homework is rarely as painful as dying in a national park, but that's just my opinion.

Gotta ease that UST!

The World Health Organization is shaking things up, I guess.

Look away, child!

Honestly, what about my face is so insane to you? I totally washed it before I left home!

Ah, yes, nature's wisdom!

Never keep a cat from its boxes. Even the actual size of objects can't keep a cat from boxes.

The more you know, the less you fear.

Hey, at least you'd know your own doppelganger's kryptonite! Not that it'd be easy for you to beat the doppelganger that way.

Begone (to the trash can), thot!

I love when people don't understand millennial / Gen Z jargon. It's just too funny.

Plot twist: it's a movie set.

You decide: joke or next hit summer comedy?

Look out, Swiper!

Dora isn't playing around anymore, I guess!

NOW who's making the excuses?

The only downside to this would be if the kids had to redo all that homework!

Tweens are so angry.

It's just a confusing age, right?!

Star Wars fans, consider this:

You can only get people with the "surprise family relations" trope so many times, George!


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...Personally, I'd stick with shat.

Okay, this is a high-quality pun.

Get it?! Because rats spread the...yeah. That's some peak Dark Ages humor, right there.

Interesting historical theory:

Hey, if you're gonna get burned, it may as well be well done! (I'll see myself out.)

Poor Corey.

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I'm honestly curious what got this teacher so insanely mad! ...But also, that's an amazing joke to pull on someone.

Uh, that's not how dentists work.

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Oh, gee, my mistake. I thought "dentist" was a profession...not the stuff of nightmares.

You know, this is a fair point.

But WAIT, no, we didn't mean for people to stop vaccinating!

Strange sunflower hate:

Well, well. Looks like someone has a bit of a Napoleon complex here!

Here's a free biology lesson:

Yep, a family can be a mother, her spouse, their kids, and the hundreds of Period Elves she produces over the months. Yikes.

Winnie the Pooh discourse is a thing.

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Listen, don't challenge a Winnie the Pooh fan unless you're absolutely sure. They're vicious.

Be concerned, Jeffrey.

This is probably the best business email I've ever read.

Wisdom and knowledge are both useful things.

And that's...a pretty solid explanation of how knowledge and wisdom both work!

You'll never see balloons the same way.

Well, yeah, balloons are weird when you talk about them that way. Geez!

The parenting struggles are real.

"You're such a party pooper, Mom!" --Every baby after being stopped from doing something actually dangerous to themselves.

...I don't know if this is better or worse than medusas.

On the one hand: they just make more humans. On the other...ever heard that somebody has "the personality of a rock"? Well, these people actually would!

Behold, the infamous "left beef" post.

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I mean, it's nice to know that Domino's follows instructions...but that just looks like such a disappointing pizza.

So versatile, so talented.

She looks absolutely nothing like herself here, but Meryl has always been good at really becoming her characters!

Pleasantries are weird.

Because even if you're having the worst day of your life if someone asks "how are you today?", unless you know them well you're supposed to just say, "good."

Isn't getting tongue-tied the best?

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Both father and child had some amazing lines in this conversation, I think.

Is it really an accident?!

Because that's a granny with a plan right there.

An actually understandable problem for Presidents to have:

"...and that's the latest on homeland security, Mr. President." *President fidgets in their chair.* "Okay, but...Area 51."

Ever had a dream this crazy?

Because this was truly a wild ride from start to finish!

It's trope VS reality.

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"...Wait, where are you going?! The sensual music hasn't spontaneously started yet!"

The truth of "Hotel California."

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Uh oh! Someone go save the Eagles!

I'd believe it.

Jack Black really is just one of those people, you know? He can do anything.

It's the dream.

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Sometimes you've gotta take the good where you can find it...even if it's pizza in a metal box.

Angry herons, 101.

I wonder if they got that heron advice in time?

A helpful drawing lesson:

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WOAH. That's the most lifelike sheep drawing I've ever seen.

It's a dream house.

This is what apartment tours are like, right?

Weirdest data transfer ever.

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Well, that answers that question (more or less).

Hush little Roomba, don't you cry.

You know what? It's called human compassion and it's a good thing!

The many British Harrys:

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Hey, now! Show Prince Harry some respect!

What a weirdly valid question!

You have to wonder how all these different articles of clothing got their names.

Cat lovers VS dog lovers:

Right?! Chill, guys. It's just a little kitty cat!

It truly is millennial culture.

At least both (totally necessary) conversations are being had!


Hmm. I'm a bit more of a Randy if I'm being really honest with myself.

Conspiracy conversation hack:

If you can out-crazy the crazies...well, your conversation might never make sense, but it'll be a fun ride!

Don't you love blooper easter eggs?

Yep, this is a Sabrina the Teenage Witch callout post. NBD.

Ever read Roald Dahl's "The BFG"?

You heard it here: Roald Dahl actually had a filthy writing vocabulary!

It's the magic of capitalism.

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Capitalism: frustrating, but hilarious if you look hard enough!

Take that, pebble!

Sometimes we humans just do thoughtless things.

Get ready for the next movie in "The Purge" saga!

All that mouthing off to your parents and not cleaning your room just became okay for the next six days. It's on.

How to get your teacher to early retiremennt:

So, after looking at him...I actually kinda feel bad for that poor history teacher!

Let's do some language translation.

Humans and elephants: we're not so different after all.

What miracles look like:

Okay, but the fact that a picture of an old man flatlining while a golden lab dog covers his eyes respectfully is both hilarious and weird.

And finally, this fowl illusion:

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