Best Man Ordered to Leave Wedding After Risky Joke in Speech Backfires

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The best man speech at a wedding can be a nerve-wracking experience, but one man found out recently the line between funny and insulting should be tread very lightly after he made an impromptu joke about the bridesmaids at his best friend’s wedding.

As he shared on Reddit, his joke backfired spectacularly. He explained in the post, which has since been deleted, that he had spent a lot of time preparing the speech and learning it ready for the big day, but struggled with what to write about the bridesmaids as he had never met them.

After struggling for a while and trying to get advice from his other friends on what to write, he decided to just make something up on the day to make people laugh.

When the time came for him to deliver his speech, he felt confident that things would work out, and says he felt inspired to go down the comedy route, saying: “Bridesmaids, I am a bit short of time here and I don’t really know you all so I’d just like to say that 5 out of 6 of you look stunning today… figure it out amongst yourselves”.

However, he wasn’t met with an uproar of laughter, explaining: “The room went dead and I knew I’d really f***ed up.

“One of them started crying and I didn’t actually mean any of them, it was literally just nonsense. When I went to apologize, without sounding mean, I realized that she isn’t actually that good-looking and was significantly less beautiful than the other bridesmaids.

“The bride came up to me and just said ‘I think it’s best you leave’ and the groom just nodded behind her.”

After sharing the story, one person replied saying: “As a wedding photographer, I feel this one. Big time. I have seen some terrible best man speeches in my 400+ weddings, but if I had heard this speech, it would have been my top 2 or 3 worst ones ever. That is quite the accomplishment.”

A second wrote: “Yup. If the bride kicks the best man out of the wedding, that’s an excellent clue that you made a mistake. In twenty-five years when they renew their vows, fix it then!”

And another offered up some advice that was a little too late, suggesting: “Rule of thumb for speeches, especially the best man speech. You can barb the groom, you can barb the groomsmen; but bride and bridesmaids is 100 percent ‘shower with compliments’ section of the speech, full stop.”

Other Reddit users chimed in with their own stories of speeches gone wrong…

“My buddy decided to wing his speech at his wedding. He wound up saying ‘I didn’t marry you for your looks’ in his speech. The whole room went quiet. I thought it was hilarious because I knew what he was trying to say but it didn’t come outright. It got funnier because he started trying to explain himself out of it but kept digging a hole,” a user wrote.

Maybe it’s best not to rely on humor at weddings!