19 Benefits to Living Alone That Will Make You Want to Move | 22 Words

Living with roommates or your significant other can be great. There's always someone there who will laugh at your jokes, share a pleasant conversation with you, or just chill.

On the other hand...there's always someone there.

If you live alone, on the other hand...

You might get lonely every once in awhile, but there are also a lot of benefits! A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share the most underrated thing about living alone, and their answers were so enlightening. They might even make you want to kick your roommates out.

So much for cleaning.

When I lived alone, I would clean my place, and it would stay clean. Now, I clean my place, and it feels like it's messy again in about 10 minutes.jrice441100

It's getting hot in here.

Total control over heat/air conditioning. Highly underrated. You can have control over your costs and/or your comfort.JardinSurLeToit

No one to blame but yourself.

Dieting is like 400x easier. I know it's a bad excuse, but hear me out. When I'm dieting, I won't buy a single junk food item, and I won't eat it since I won't have it. Live with someone who buys tons of junk, especially someone who buys food and doesn't expect you to not eat it, like your parents, and it makes it a lot harder.pingasthrowaway

Livin' the simple life.

The mundane way of living life with no responsibility to anyone else. I miss waking up in the mornings, reading a book and just watching the city light up from hundreds of miles away while eating breakfast. Then coming home, shaking off the day's work before making a light dinner, finishing a project and then cuddling in bed with a movie or book after a warm bath. Just to wake up the next day and repeat it. sommie_blue This next one is so important.

Hooray for leftovers!

That last soda in the fridge is still there. And so is your leftover Chinese take out that you have to specially order because of a soy allergy you have.WeirdWolfGuy

Can this really be true?

I live alone and sh*t at work. A six-pack of toilet paper is a year's supply.Bornemann27

This weirdness cannot be contained.

Not having to contain your weirdness in just the bathroom into the mirror.TheeVande

I'm king of the bed!

I have a king-size super comfy bed all for me. If its too hot, I can remove the covers. If it's too cold, I can put on as much covers as I need. No need to ask someone for their permission.ghoststalker2k

Netflix and chill out.

Not getting stuck with a long-ass Netflix list you can't watch because she "wants to watch it, but doesn't want to watch it right now." So you end up re-watching sh*t you've already seen because it's a nice easy watch.scorchie-pie You'll appreciate this next one if you've ever worked nights.


You don't have to tiptoe around the house worried you'll wake up roommates/family members. As someone who starts work at 6 am and lives alone right now, it's a godsend to be able to walk through the house and turn lights on to see where I'm fucking going rather than using my phone light.JollyOldBogan

Any time is bathroom time.

The bathroom is ALWAYS free. One of the most frustrating things about living with someone else is wanting to use the bathroom and to find out that your roommate is taking a shower or something and you have to wait until they are done. Not having to wait to use the bathroom or to take a shower is such a wonderfully underrated thing.-eDgAR-

'Nuff said.

Full. Nakey.tararisin

What a mature answer!

Learning life skills. Paying your bills, cleaning, time management, etc. You just end up learning these based on experience.whiskey_smoke


I really like being able to turn around in the shower without a thousand bottles of precariously placed placebo beauty products come crashing down like a house of cards.c3534l Next up is something you might never be allowed to do if you lived with other people.

True freedom.

I mean, I just ate a bowl of Tater Tots in bed, naked. So, that’s a plus.not-jimmy

I feel your pain.

Closet space, man. I never appreciated this until my girlfriend moved in. Now my closet is literally jammed packed with her clothes, and I basically have a couple drawers for all of my stuff. There's no end to it either. Every time we do laundry, she materializes more and more clothing. I think to myself "the closet is completely full; all the hangers are used. We've put everything away. There's no way she could possibly have more clothes." And more stuff just appears out of nowhere.Shipwreck_Kelly

Who hurt you?

No one misuses your Japanese knives, or tries to wash your patina coated cookware with soap. Or uses metal utensils in non-stick pans, or decides your ceramic pho bowls are better suited as fruit bowls. Or uses a lot of your nice finishing olive oil like its some basic sh*t, or uses your fleur de sel like it's kosher salt, or uses all your bay leaves, or mixes your vintage Japanese whiskey with coke. Or finishes your nice bottle of tequila and replaces it with Milagro because your bottle was too expensive.deafsound

The world is your oyster/bed!

The whole house is your bed. Fall asleep on the couch. Turn over and pass out on the office futon. You might even want to make it to your actual bed if it's worth the effort. But no matter what, there's nothing forcing you to an arbitrary sleep station. I don't even know why I have a bedroom anymore. The couch is so much more comfortable.thesuperscience

Welcome to your sanctuary.

No drama in your home beyond what you bring in. There's a priceless gift of escape when I come home from a stressful day, knowing I can literally leave it at work and not have to worry about any more stress from home.ripplecutbuddha2 Have some roommates who are always leaving passive-aggressive notes around the house for you? Share this list with them!