The Best Shows on Netflix Right Now Ranked | 22 Words

We all love a bit of Netflix, but there's just so much to choose from these days that it can be hard to pick something that fits your mood. From classic TV shows to Netflix originals, with every genre imaginable, we really are spoiled for choice.

So, here's a countdown of the top sixty shows on Netflix right now to help you decide. Don't say we're not good to you.

60. Schitt's Creek

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Schitt's Creek is a Canadian sitcom that follows the life of a wealthy family who can no longer keep up with their extravagant lifestyle. The show has fifty-two episodes in total, each one hilarious.

59. The Fall

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Set in Belfast, the series tells the story of a highly intelligent serial killer and the hardened detective trying to catch him. With seventeen episodes in total, this game of chase can get quite intense.

58. Russian Doll

OITNB star, Natasha Lyonne, takes the leading role in this series wherein she is forced to relive the last day of her life over and over again. With only 8 episodes - but plenty of dark humor - Russian Doll has earned its place on the list.

57. Riverdale

A re-imagining of the popular Archie comics, Riverdale is a dark teen comedy set in a small town wherein a high school student has recently been found dead. The show is currently thirty-five episodes long and is perfect for a binge.

56. Happy!

A former detective (and current hitman) is tasked with rescuing an abducted girl by a small, blue unicorn, Happy, that only he can see. It's 8 episodes long and it's a weird one, but it's definitely worth a watch.

55. iZombie

Liv More works in a morgue in Seattle. Seems normal enough. But she's also a zombie who eats the brains of murder victims to gain access to their memories to help solve crimes. The series is currently 4 seasons in with seventy episodes in total.

54. One Day at a Time

This remake of a 1970s sitcom shows the day-to-day life of a Cuban American family and gives a real feel-good vibe. The series is thirty-nine episodes in total with plenty of laughs.

53. Arrow

A series set in the DC universe, it tells the story of Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) as he fights the villains of his city. The show currently has a whopping 138 episodes.

52. Happy Valley

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Set in North England, the series follows a police sergeant as she tries to solve a string of violent crimes linked to the kidnapping of a young woman. With twelve episodes, the series has been super successful and even won a BAFTA.

51. Travelers

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Travelers is a sci-fi drama wherein people from hundreds of years in the future are sent back to replace people in the present day to stop a terrible future from happening. Now thirty-four episodes in, the show is proving to be quite addictive.

50. Grace and Frankie

In this comedy series, the two leads, Grace and Frankie, discover that their husbands have been having an affair. Together. The show follows the aftermath as the ladies' friendship grows and is currently fifty-two episodes in.

49. Weeds

Following the death of her husband, suburban housewife, Nancy Botwin, turns to dealing weed to take care of her children. The show starts as a comedy but has gotten progressively darker and is now at 102 episodes.

48. Sense8

Sense8 was a fan favorite until it was cancelled last year after its twenty-fourth episode. With a diverse cast, it follows the lives of eight individuals who suddenly find themselves telepathically linked to one another.

47. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

For something a bit different, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical series. The main character gives up her job and moves across the country to follow her ex-boyfriend, facing challenges in her new life. The series is sixty-two episodes in total.

46. Dexter

Michael C. Hall is a blood spatter analyst for Miami PD by day. But, by night, he's a serial killer and has to try his hardest not to get caught. The series is 8 seasons long with ninety-six episodes.

45. House of Cards

One of Netflix's first original series, it's been running for 6 seasons and seventy-eight episodes. It follows the story of Congressman, Frank Underwood, and his ruthless plan to get the top.

44. Portlandia

Sketch-comedy, Portlandia, is all about everyday life in Portland. It has 8 seasons and seventy-nine episodes total.

43. New Girl

A comedy show about a girl who moves in with three male roommates, New Girl has 7 seasons and 146 episodes. And it's hilarious.

42. Jane the Virgin

Based on a Spanish telenovella by the same name, the series follows the story of a virgin mistakenly impregnated by artificial insemination. The show has done well for itself and is currently eighty-one episodes long.

41. Bloodline

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Bloodline is a thriller-drama that follows the Rayburn family who are trying to hide their dark past. The show has 3 seasons and thirty-three episodes, though the first season has been much better received than the others.

40. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A revival of childhood favorite, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this series follows Sabrina Spellman, a half-mortal, half-witch. The show is much darker than the original, with new elements added and is currently twenty-one episodes in length.

39. The Crown

Costume drama at its finest. The Crown explores Queen Elizabeth II's ascension to the throne and her relationship with Prince Phillip. It runs for twenty episodes and has been popular so far.

38.Luke Cage

Third in Marvel's Defenders series, Luke Cage follows the story of the title character, a superhero with strength and unbreakable skin, first introduced in Jessica Jones. The series is currently twenty-six episodes long.

37. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama set in Birmingham post-WWI, when powerful gangs began to form as the soldiers returned home. It runs for 4 seasons and has twenty-four episodes in total.

36. Shameless

Based on a British comedy of the same name, Shameless is set in Chicago and shows the struggles of the Gallagher family living below the poverty line. It's a long-running series with ninety-six episodes, perfect for binging.

35. The Good Place

This show continues to rise in popularity. Set in the afterlife, it tells the story of a woman accidentally assigned to Heaven who must now earn her place there. It has twenty-five episodes that are far too easy to watch back-to-back.

34. Broadchurch

British crime drama, Broadchurch, is full of twists. Set in a small, quiet town, the show follows two detectives as they try to solve the murder of a young boy. It's twenty-four episodes altogether and will keep you guessing the whole time.

33. Gilmore Girls

The series has stood the test of time and remains popular years after its ending. The show centers around Lorelai Gilmore, a B&B owner, and her daughter, Rory. The show ran for 7 seasons and has 153 episodes.

32. 13 Reasons Why

This series gets dark. It is set in a high school following the suicide of one of the students, Hannah Baker. And she has left thirteen tapes, one for each of the people that she feels contributed to her death.

31. American Vandal

In a parody of true-crime series, this mockumentary aims to get deep into the mind of those who carry out high school pranks, such as vandalism. There are two seasons, each of which has a different focal point.

30. Bodyguard

In this new British drama, a military vet turned police officer must act as a high-profile politician's bodyguard. With only 6 episodes so far, it's short but sweet.

29. Jessica Jones

Another Marvel series, this one focuses on the title character, who is a private detective with special powers. It's 2 seasons, twenty-six episodes, and well worth a watch.

28. Big Mouth

Not a lot of animated shows made the list, but Big Mouth has earned its place. It's a coming-of-age story that doesn't shy away from the less enjoyable parts of growing up, with the main character, Andrew, being followed around by his Hormone Monster, Maurice.

27. The West Wing

This popular political drama ran from 1999 to 2006. It shows the lives of the staff working in the West Wing of the White House under fictional president, Josiah Bartlet.

26. Daredevil

Daredevil is a Marvel series that follows vigilante, Daredevil, or Matt Murdoch, as he fights crime in New York. Blinded as a child, he uses his heightened senses to his advantage.

25. Godless

Set in the 1880s after a mining accident has killed all the men in the town of La Belle, the women in said town have to defend themselves against a gang of outlaws. This is truly a feminist Western.

24. Rectify

This show's main character, Daniel Holden, has been in prison for twenty years for the rape and murder of his girlfriend. But, after DNA evidence casts doubt on his guilt, he is released. The series focuses on the question of whether or not he is truly guilty.

23. The Umbrella Academy

Based on the comic books by MCR frontman, Gerard Way, the series tells the story of seven people with supernatural abilities who were all born at the same time on the same day and adopted by the same man.

22. Dear White People

Building on Spike Lee's film of the same name, Dear White People begins with the aftermath of an infamous blackface party. A student and radio personality at the college, Sam, covers the events as the students are faced with the harsh reality of institutionalized racism.

21. Black Mirror

A British sci-fi anthology by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror explores the darker side of modern technology and the dangers it holds. The show has 4 seasons, nineteen episodes, and even an interactive film.

20. GLOW

Even though this is a comedy, it does a great job at tackling more serious issues like misogyny in the workplace. The show centers around a group of female wrestlers and their lives in and out of the ring.

19. Master of None

Created, written by, and starring Aziz Ansari of Parks and Rec, this sitcom tackles issues of sexism and racism while still being able to make you crack a smile. Overall, it's very heartwarming.

19. Sherlock

BBC's Sherlock has established quite the cult following since it aired in 2010. It is a modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective series.

17. American Crime Story

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American Crime Story is a true crime anthology series. It has 2 seasons, the first of which focuses on the OJ Simpson case and the second is about the murder of Gianni Versace.

16. The Walking Dead

Currently one of the highest rated TV shows, The Walking Dead is based on a series of comic books by Robert Kirkman. It follows a group of survivors as they try to navigate their way through the zombie apocalypse.

15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This sitcom is produced by Tina Fey and follows Kimmy Schmidt as she moves to New York to start afresh. It's a funny show and there's plenty of celebrity cameos to look out for.

14. Twin Peaks

This series aired way back in the 90s but still has an impressive following today. It combines murder mystery with the supernatural as Special Agent Dale Cooper attempts to solve the murder of homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, in the small town of Twin Peaks.

13. Mindhunter

This series is based on an actual unit of the FBI that was used to study serial killers in the 70s and 80s using behavioral science. All the killers featured in the show are based on real cases and it gives a fascinating look into the psychology of killers and those tasked with catching them.

12. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a horror anthology made up of various plots, some connected, some standalone, but all terrifying.

11. Better Call Saul

In this spin-off of hit show, Breaking Bad, we get a more in-depth look into the character of Saul. Set six years before the events of the original show, Saul is just a small-time attorney trying to make it big and it's easy to feel sorry for him at times.

10. The Haunting of Hill House

Based on the book by Shirley Jackson, the show follows the Crain family, disturbed after growing up in a haunted house that killed their mother. The series consists of 10 episodes and is a real nail-biter.

9. Orange is the New Black

One of Netflix's most popular original series, OITNB is a drama/comedy set in a women's prison. One of the best things about the show is that it's able to be funny while also handling the more serious issues with the respect and care that they deserve.

8. Arrested Development

The sitcom originally aired in 2003 to 2006, but Netflix commissioned later seasons, the most recent of which was released earlier this year. It follows the lives of the Bluth family after a drastic change has occurred.

7. Friends

Friends will always be relevant. It’s the sitcom. And all 10 seasons (that’s a whopping 236 episodes) are currently available on Netflix.

6. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is a real feel-good show. The show follows Leslie Knope, head of the Parks and Recreation Department, and her team as they try to make a difference in the town of Pawnee, Indiana.

5. The Office

One of the best workplace comedies to this day, The Office is still much-loved. Its success is, at least in part, down to the amazing cast and you can currently find all 201 episodes on Netflix.

4. Mad Men

This period drama is set in the 60s and is focused on the everyday running of an advertising agency. The show has done quite well for itself and has won several awards, so it's definitely worth a watch.

3. Stranger Things

As the name suggests, Stranger Things gets weird. When a young boy is captured by a strange creature and taken to its world, his friends team up with a girl with telepathic powers in an attempt to save him.

2. BoJack Horseman

Another animated series for the list. While the concept may seem a bit quirky, BoJack Horseman is incredibly popular and tackles depression in a really poignant way.

1. Breaking Bad

If you haven't at least heard of Breaking Bad then, honestly, where have you been? The show follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer trying to secure enough money to take care of his family once he succumbs to his cancer.