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In today's world, it's easy to focus on the many sources of conflict that humans seem to get hung up on. Whether it's politics, religion, or the color of a certain dress, people sure to find a bunch of stuff to get riled up about. Perhaps you've noticed.

However, even though humans tend to argue about many things, there are a few that absolutely everyone on Earth agrees on. Things like: Pizza is good. The DMV is bad.

And, perhaps most universal of all: Dogs are the best.

Whether they're ripping their stuffed animals to pieces, chomping on their squeaky toys, or trying to cram an impossible number of tennis balls in their mouths, there's basically nothing a dog can do that isn't completely, 100 percent charming and wonderful.

If you're ever looking for more people who appreciate dogs just as much as you do, just know that you can always count on the Internet to provide.


The Internet loves dogs, too!

How could they not? Without further ado, here are some of the funniest Tumblr posts about dogs!

When you can't dog, potato.

We can't all be dogs, ya know. Some of us are destined to be potatoes instead.

This is Hank.

Oh, Hank. Never stop being yourself.

You're goin' down, Greg.

You know he's going to tell the truth even without being sworn in. Because he's a very Good Boy.

What has happened?!

"Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Back into the time machine. We have to fix this grievous error!"

A puddle o' pup.

I wonder if they got the carpet and then looked for a dog to match, or went the other way around and looked for some carpet to match their dog.

This is so pure.

You know that this is the best day ever for every single being pictured here. That pup has so many new best friends!


Should I be concerned? I'm feeling a little concerned.


Here's another Good Boy for us to admire! He's sharing with his little, stuffed pup friend!


On the one hand, I'm glad it's not actually crispy burnt human legs. But I'm still not 100 percent at ease with this image.

Look again.

It might take you a few glances to really see what's going on in this picture. It's worth the extra time, though.

Poor Oli!

I'll admit this post made me laugh out loud. It also kinda made me want to get a bird...

"They suspect nothing."

Good job, puppy. You've really fleeced them.

Cutest injury ever.

This has got to be the most dog-like injury ever. He wagged himself into an injury.

I would like that pocket.

I would give all of the money in my wallet in order to trade pockets with this person right now. ALL OF IT.

Wait a second...

"I've made a huge mistake. And yet...I don't hate this."

Oh, my word.

Hello, there! Just thought you might like to see this very happy picture of a very happy puppy. That is all! Goodbye!

When you can't choose just one.

Why should he have to choose? With strength like this, he deserves all those sticks.


What a crumby pun! You're toast after this one.

Mail call!

How do you go about getting a mailman like this? Also, I'll take the dog, too!

Don't stop believin'!

I don't care what you think. This dog has a plan and she is going to succeed at it. I just know it. Look at that determination!

Dog to boy ratio.

If only all my math classes had been taught using dogs as the standard of measurement, I may have gotten better grades.

But why?

Gotta go fast! To the dog park, I mean.

Wolves, you say?

Hey, everybody? Today's dogs are not wolves. That wolf stuff went out the window a long time ago. I say this as someone who at this very minute has a puppy cowering under the blankets on her lap, hiding from the Roomba.

That's very sweet.

And to be clear, I'm glad they're not wolves! Would a wolf bring you a sock to comfort you? Probably not!


This resonates with me on a personal level. I'd say a solid 36 percent of my friends are dogs. The rest are people who have dogs. It is not a coincidence.

Always true.

Scientists don't quite understand it, but this phenomenon is 100 percent proven. All dogs are the best dogs.

Who is she?

Only a dog could walk through mud and still totally pull off the look. Teach me your ways!

Excuse me?

Seriously! Here she is just trying to enjoy a little snackaroo, and all you can do is insult her. Get over yourself, Carol.

This is seriously the best.

The real trick is that as soon as they're excited, you can help but feel happy and excited, too. Maybe that's why they do it. Share this with your favorite dog-lover!