Bet You Can’t Spot All the Cats in These Christmas Trees

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Christmas is about warmth, family, light, presents, good meals, hot chocolate, cookies and sweets, and being jolly. Cats are all about being aloof, standoffish, moody, sharp-clawed, and allergy-inducing. (Can you tell I’m a dog person?) While some cats may get into the holiday spirit, I think it is more the cat type of spirit to ruin your holiday joy. They pounce all over and tear your tree to bits. That is what cats are good at.

When you have a cat, you know that your household decorations are never safe from the feisty claws of your feline friend. So when the holidays roll around, and it’s time to put up your Christmas tree, you have to contend with the fact that your cat might take over. It might destroy your tree and all the ornaments in it. Or it might make the tree its new home.

Even though cats are mainly evil, sometimes they can be cute.

I mean, look at them in their little Santa hats. Apparently, cats love Christmas more than you would think.

Twitter user Alli McDonald posted this lovely photo of her Christmas tree:

It might be hard to see at first, but her cat is in there somewhere. Can you spot him?

There he is!

That little guy is way too good at hiding. And he’s really far up in that Christmas tree.

Soon, the entire Internet was posting pictures of their cats hiding in their Christmas trees.

And honestly, even though I am a dog person through and through, these photos are too cute not to share.

Six feet up

This little guy is six feet up and poking his head out like, “What? Did you say something to me? I thought I heard my name. No? Oh, ok.”

Colorful Christmas cat

I love the shocked face of the cat next to the super happy face of the little piggy ornament. It looks like they are seeing two completely different scenes.

Destroyer of trees

“Oh my god. They’re putting up a huge scratching post just for me! And it has so many toys on it. It’s perfect. Thank you.” -your cat watching you put up your Christmas tree

Bright light

How did this cat get all tangled in the lights?! They are truly tiny monsters.

Demon Christmas cat

Imagine getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and seeing this. Nightmares for weeks.

Cat office

“Hello, yes, welcome to my office. Can I help you? Can I offer you an ornament to bat around? A little red light to chew on, perhaps?”

Too cute

I love this one because that cat’s face looks like it belongs right there. It also looks like they purposely picked decorations that match the cat.


Hey, if your cat climbs to the top of your tree every day, you’ve got yourself an automatic tree topper!


This cat is confused but also so full of wonder at being in this Christmas tree. It’s like someone wandering the streets of Las Vegas.


The thing that we know about cats from years of clich├ęs is that they can climb up trees, but then they have to get rescued from them.

Tree model

This cat was like, “Wait! You’re going to take my picture? Here, let me pose at the perfect angle.”

Shiny Christmas cat

You know what? This picture has changed my mind. I think every Christmas tree should come with a matching cat from now on.


This cat is like, “Um, I came into this tree for a reason and that reason was to get away from you. Please respect my privacy.”

Joy to the world

This cat looks simultaneously terrified that he’s gotten himself stuck and terrified that he loves this so much he’ll never want to come out.

Cutie pie

I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what, but that cat’s eyes look huge! Like, Puss-in-Boots-from-Shrek huge.


I love this little cat’s face. It says, “What? No. I totally meant to do this. I don’t regret this at all. I’m sooooo comfortable right now.”

Oh, hello.

Did this cat come with this tree? This cat looks like it was made for this tree. It’s so cute.

Upside down

I think it’s fair to say that Lucy has no idea what she’s doing, but she loves it.

Deep tree diving

Wow, this cat really got way deep into that tree. I guess she lives there now.

Sad Christmas cat

The expression on this cat’s face is priceless. It’s like, “Please, just leave me alone. I beg you.”

Charlie Brown tree

I don’t know if this is the cat’s handiwork or what, but that’s one sad looking Christmas tree.

Poor Elmo

Elmo is sitting still like, “This sounds crazy, but I think there is a giant animal behind me right now. Don’t look. But it’s there.”


This person is asking for advice for keeping their cat out of the tree, but honestly, when your cat is that photogenic, let her werk it.

Branching out

This cat doesn’t even care. He will take down that whole tree if it means he gets to play with the little balls dangling from it.


Listen, he just wants to sit in the tree and think about what kind of cat he’s been this year, OK?

Down for the count

And there it is. The ultimate peril of allowing your cat to climb the Christmas tree. Share this with a cat and Christmas lover you know!