Beyoncé and Jay-Z Sent Reese Witherspoon an Entire Case of Champagne

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This week saw the premiere of 2020’s Golden Globe awards, where the British reigned supreme yet again.

The star-studded event was filled to the brim with our favorite Hollywood stars and it was far from drama-free.

Beyonce attended the event late with husband Jay-Z and they were ultimately bashed for being “rude”, but this has drastically changed after the famous pair sent Reece Witherspoon a very generous gift.

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The star-studded night saw the world’s best actors come together to celebrate yet another successful year in the entertainment industry.

Our favorite actors and actresses across the pond stole the show, as they managed to sweep up a lot of the major awards including Best Actress (TV series), Best Director and Best Picture (drama).

There were a lot of worthy winners…

These include Elton John for Rocketman, Olivia Coleman for The Crown, Patricia Arquette for The Act, and Sam Mendes for 1917.

But he biggest winner of the night had to be Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Even though the Brits seemed to dominate the show, we did see the Americans pull it back with 2019’s Hollywood blockbuster.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood came out on top, winning 3 of the major awards of the night.

This included Brad Pitt’s win as Best Supporting Actor. After 2 decades of a life without a Golden Globe, Pitt finally got a taste of what it feels like to be amongst the winners.

He won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Motion Picture Drama for his performance in 2019’s Joker.

But it seems that not everyone in the crowd felt he was worthy of standing up.

The one and only Beyonce.

And it’s safe to say that they both, as usual, scrubbed up pretty well.

Would a Hollywood event really be a Hollywood event without the attendance of Beyonce?

But in typical Queen Bey fashion, the singer didn’t stick by the rules.

Which certainly ruffled some feathers, by the way…

She arrived late.

Bey and Jay-Z turned up to the event noticeably late, and so late, in fact, that they remained stood until Kate McKinnon finished her speech.

This has already but the singer in hot water…

People just couldn’t understand how Bey struggled to make The Golden Globes on time… you’d think her chauffeur would ensure she’d be running on time, right?

Is that her bodyguard carrying her bottles of champagne that she brought herself?? Even though the event was sponsored by Moët & Chandon

Only real royalty brings their own champagne.

But, of course, the champagne that the glittering couple arrived with was none other than their very own Armand de Brignac champagne brand… bottles each worth around $5,000.

A single bottle retails for around $300, so of course, the couple couldn’t be seen dead drinking Moët!

And let’s face it, it comes across a little rude, doesn’t it.

Because God forbid they drink anything other than a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne.

In which case, it was a job well done by Jay-Z!

In fact, Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to share an absolutely hilarious story about the exclusive beverage.

The one-time on-screen sisters (Friends fans remember) even hosted an award together.

Well, it’s safe to say Reese had a pretty innovative solution.

And it seems as though it went down a treat!  

And it seems that Reece’s stunt has earned her a little more than she expected.

The gift package contained a beautiful bouquet of flowers and an entire case of Ace of Spades champagne.

“I just got home from New York and the most beautiful flowers are here and, guys, a case of Ace of Spades champagne,” Reece said in the clip. “I’m about to read the note. It says, ‘More water, from Jay and B.'”

And it seems to certainly go down a treat… it is $5,000 champagne, after all!

But to post one of the many memes that are flying around the internet right now.

Watch the video for yourselves here.