Beyoncé's Twins' Names Have Finally Been Revealed, and They Are ADORABLE | 22 Words

Beyhive assemble!

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding the arrival of the Queen's twins. According to TMZ, the twins were born in mid-June, somewhat prematurely, and have been in the hospital getting stronger "under the lights."

Rumors have also been flying concerning the babies' genders. But all that uncertainty is about to be put to rest.

The twins' names are here! InTouch Weekly has the story. Get ready to "Awww."

Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins were born over a week ago, but the couple is taking their time introducing them to the world.

That's understandable. Chances are the babies were so surprised that their mom is Beyoncé that it took them a little while to recover.

I mean, look at this pregnant goddess.

Beyoncé reportedly didn't have an easy pregnancy, though, and especially with rumors of the twins being born prematurely, the Knowles-Carters deserve their privacy.

Seriously, it doesn't get much more gorgeous than this.

The twins were famous before they were even born. There's no doubt that they're going to fit right into this powerhouse of a family.

Like, can you even take the cuteness of Blue Ivy?

Because we certainly cannot. We've been able to watch her grow into an adorable little lady in the last few years.

And her relationship with Mom is perfect in every way.

Now, Blue Ivy will have a little brother and a little sister to share the love with. That's right. It's been reported that Beyoncé gave birth to a boy and a girl on Monday, June 12 at a Los Angeles hospital.

Good job mommy!

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How cute is this family? Answer: the most cute.

OK, we've kept you hanging. Down to business. What are the twins' names?

Bey and Jay's twins' names are... Sir and Rumi!! How abso-frickin'-lutely adorable are those? Not only are the names perfect in every way, but they're even better because Blue helped pick them out.

We are in love.

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Bey and Jay did a top notch job picking out two incredibly cute names. We can't wait until they're formally introduced to the world! You know, they say two new members of the Beyhive are born every day... OK fine, they don't say that. But this time, it's true. Welcome to the world, Sir and Rumi! It's lucky to have you.