Biden Campaign Started Selling Fly Swatters And They’re Already Sold Out

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Since the Vice Presidential debate, everyone has been obsessing over the fly that stole the show.

And Joe Biden wasted no time adding the most hilarious merch to his campaign store…

You’ll probably be aware of the unexpected visitor that decided to make an appearance.

And it stayed there for an excessively long amount of time.

And now, Joe Biden has got in on the action…

Following the explosive debut presidential debate nearly 2 weeks ago, it was time for the vice nominees to have their say.

A health and safety precaution requested by the Biden-Harris campaign, the Associated Press reported.

Many are worried about Pence’s exposure to the virus, considering the President was infected just a few days ago.

As should all future debates planned for this year.

Which was dominated heavily by the coronavirus crisis, the very thing that hospitalized the President just days ago.

Let’s meet our candidates, and get an insight into what we had to expect from them.

Pence, a socially conservative Christian from the midwest, has been rehearsing for the debate with Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida, playing the role of the Democratic candidate, the Axios website reported.

And some of his preparation involved developing ways to strike his female opponent “without opening himself up to criticism that he is acting in a disrespectful or sexist way,” according to NBC News.

Harris, a former criminal prosecutor, and progressive Californian, is widely considered to be a formidable debater.

So, people were expecting a real show.

But, given the President’s ill-health, she toned it down.

On one hand, there’s an overwhelming wave of support for Pence.

If you’ve been on Twitter at any point, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about… the fly.

And it’s all people could talk about.

And it even ended up with its own parody account.

That wasn’t all, either.

Within two hours of the debate, the campaign website was selling $10 Truth Over Flies swatters.

“We saw the internet and our supporters sharing a viral moment online, so our digital team came together on the fly,” Zach McNamara, the merchandise director for the Biden campaign, said. Their aim was to show that “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will always choose truth over lies, science over fiction, and unity over division,” he added.  

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But, not everyone was happy, with some arguing that the move was “beneath the character of the office.”

Because people still can’t stop making memes about it.

Pence is certainly not going to live this one down. Keep scrolling for more…