Bidens Welcome New German Shepard Puppy, Commander, to the White House

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The excitement is real when we see the Presidents walking with their furry friends. It’s even more exciting when a new pup is welcomed into the White House, with Joe Biden introducing his newest German Shepard, Commander, to his social media followers.


Now, over the years, dogs of Presidents have made headlines.

In fact, we saw a loving bond between ex-President Barack Obama and his fuzzy little friend, Bo, a Portuguese Waterhouse dog, who had been with the family since 2009 but sadly passed away in May of this year.

Obama still has a female Portuguese Waterhouse dog named Sunny, who they’ve had since 2013.


George. W. Bush was no stranger to homing 4-legged-family-members either.

Housing his 1st dog Spot, an English Springer Spaniel in 2004, a cat called India in 2009, another dog Barney, a Scottish Terrier in 2013, Miss Beazley, another Scottish Terrier in 2014, and they even have a cow called Ofelia, too.


But, while ex-President Donald Trump was in office, we saw no furry little friends running around the White House, and it sucked…

Until Biden took over, of course.

He had 2 German Shepards called Major and Champ, but Champ, unfortunately, passed away in June of this year.

His other Shepard, Major, actually made history, being the 1st shelter dog to live at the White House. And it seemed as though it felt a little too weird for Biden to only have 1 German Shepard, especially when he has room for 2.

So, he’s welcomed a pup to his family.


Little Commander Biden.

Who not only featured on Biden’s Twitter feed but his Instagram page, as well. We think someone’s in love with the new edition to their family, and we are, too.

“Welcome to the White House, Commander,” he wrote in the caption, sharing an all too adorable photograph of the little fluff ball pouncing with a tennis ball gripped between his teeth.


And he posted a clip for us all to see, too. Ugh, we love to see it.

“Hey pal, how you doing?” Biden says in the video, inviting his new fur child to receive some loving attention from him.

And he even showed a quick clip of the pair playing fetch together.

We’re so happy that the White House has a new pup.

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