'Big Toe Shoes' Are the Latest Footwear Trend | 22 Words

Just when you thought that designers had thought of everything, a truly bizarre trend surfaces online. From see-through shorts to male lingerie, it seems like there's no end to strange fashion items that the world can come up with - and to the consumers eager to buy them.

But the latest trend to go viral really has us scratching our heads. For days when going open-toe is just too chilly, but closed-toe seems too constrained, designers have found an innovative solution. If your favorite part of your body is that oft-overlooked big toe, then you're in luck.

The world of fashion is a pretty strange one.

It's designed to be constantly changing in order to keep consumers purchasing. Which means that there's a constant need for innovation and new trends and products.

And one area of fashion that's always primed for weirdness?

Shoes. We're not sure exactly why, but there are some people out there who treat shoes not just as an essential part of an outfit, but also some sort of collectible.

But in order to keep people purchasing?

Well, shoes need to constantly being reimagined. And, for that to happen, they need to get weirder and weirder.

Which can lead to some pretty confusing looks.

Over the years, we thought we'd seen it all. From goth-inspired Crocs and sandal-trainer hybrids to backbreaking platforms, it seemed as though shoe designers had truly thought of everything.

These shoes are designed to showcase a particular body part.

And it's one that rarely seems to get the attention it deserves. Yep, that's right - the big toe. Don't believe us? Read on.

The shoe industry has long had a weird obsession with toes.

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Some track the toe-trend back to Margiela's iconic Tabi boot, which first hit runways in 1998. They continue to be a big part of the Margiela identity.

The classic style has been played with over the years.

Their avant-garde style cemented them as an important piece of fashion history, and are still sold to this day.

Margiela has created even more toe-like footwear, too.

Whether you like or hate this style, there's no denying that these styles elicit a reaction - which is basically the fundamental point of fashion. And footwear designed around toes has only continued to grow in recent years.

Celine has also got in on the action.

The fashion house played with the trend in a jokey old print ad - and that's not the last we'll hear from this brand, either.

This style was also mimicked by Jonathan Anderson.

His 2018 collection for fashion house, Loewe, features sandals which appeared to be molded around the toes they concealed.

And that wasn't all.

The collection also featured these intricately embroidered tapestry mules, depicting (you guessed it) a set of toes.

And we can't ignore these.

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If you truly want to showcase your phalanges, then you surely need a pair of these - supposedly "ergonomically" designed for the maximum comfort during running.

But the latest toe-trend takes things to the next level.

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Because, not only do these shoes mimic the look of toes - but they actually showcase the real thing.

These shoes are the creation of Parisian fashion house, Y/Project.

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They're the brainchild of designer, Glenn Martens, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Antwerp.

And, although they look totally unique ...

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The shoes are actually inspired by a different revealing shoe trend - just flip-reversed. These are the Pirate Mules from iconic fashion house, Celine.

The shoes were designed by fashion darling, Phoebe Philo.

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They first launched in 2017, and covered only the big toe, leaving the rest of the foot free and breezy.

They were surprisingly popular.

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Here's Aussie model and stylist, Christine Centenera, rocking them in 2017. The shoes existed for only one collection, and have since become a Celine-lovers' collector's item.

But the new toe-revealer is quite different.

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Rather than covering the big toe, it leaves the big toe out in the open, shielding only the other toes - giving a slightly weird, peekabo effect.

Fancy a closer look?

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These shoes have been surprisingly popular, proving that fashion always loves an innovator. They're currently sold out on the Y/Project site, but can be found online through resellers.

But they'll set you back!

Pairs are currently being sold online for up to $1000. But, we guess, if you really have a desire to showcase your big toe, that's a small price to pay. In the mood for more strange fashion content? Keep reading for some of the weirdest trends around.