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No one is disputing that Harry Potter is one of the best book and movie franchises of all time...but that doesn't mean there aren't flaws! Nothing is perfect, after all. And Harry Potter fans who know the Wizarding World inside and out can't help but notice a few things that just don't make sense! A few glaring plot holes in Harry Potter must be addressed.

Some wizarding laws are just ridiculous. And many times, characters end up doing things so...well, uncharacteristic! Honestly, Dumbledore has done countless questionable things and we never noticed half of them. I mean, there's a plot hole that could've changed everything about book 3 and we don't talk about it!

So now it's time to examine the biggest plot holes in Harry Potter.

Ever think about how devastating memory charms can be?

The fact that there are only three spells that unquestionably land you in prison. How the heck are memory charms not on that list? -thesushipanda

And then there are Polyjuice potions...

To me, it's that everyone always approaches situations where they meet someone else in good faith, assuming that the person is who they say they are. Transfiguration and Polyjuice Potion are used repeatedly throughout the series to create convincing disguises, and yet people still don't reach the obvious conclusions when their best friends or significant others are acting strange.

It's always just "Hey what's gotten into you today?" not "Uh, are you really who you say you are or are you using one of the many widely known ways of taking on the appearance of another person?"


Seriously, how would you ever trust anyone?!

I realize that things like Polyjuice and Transfiguration are fairly complex potions/spells, but it seems like most of the wizards we meet are at least aware of them, and they're used so frequently throughout the series that people should at least approach situations with more skepticism than we see. -Anonymous

Hermione needs a NAP.

I always wanted to know why Hermione didn't just use the Time-Turner to also take more naps so she wasn't so strung out. -BlueWater321

Maybe she's just too much of a hard worker.

Shoot... This is a legitimately huge plot-hole.

Probably cause that's just not her character. She's like a super workaholic. Taking naps might just not have occurred to her, I know plenty of people who are incredibly intelligent, but also made really dumb choices about everyday stuff like that.

Me? I would pretty much exclusively use the time turner for naps tbh.


Let's talk about the Wizarding economy.

Aside from fines, where does the money come from to support the substantial infrastructure of Britain's magical society like MOM, Hogwarts, and the hospital? Especially a society which only produces 40-60 citizens per year (# of magical kids per year at Hogwarts less # of kids from non-magical families). -ejaiejaiejai

If Harry's cloak is supposed to evade death...why can people see through it?

I think I have one but I'm happy to be proven wrong

Moody sees through Harry's invisibility cloak with his magic eye, but his cloak is the Deathly Hallow that is unaffected by magical detection.

Did...did I do one?


Here's an unconfirmed theory:

I read a theory once that Moody's eye was created or at least charmed by Dumbledore, using the Elder Wand. Thus, it could see through the equally powerful Cloak of Invisibility.

It also explains how Dumbledore can see through the cloak if he charmed his half-moon glasses as well.

Just my headcanon (though not my original thought)


Does Harry just like drama?

Not really a plot hole, but if Harry had just been like "Yo Slughorn, I'll only join your dumb club if you ask my bro Ron to join too" They would have avoided sooooo much drama. -TaxonomyAnomaly

Yup, there's a troll in the dungeons.

"The troll is in the dungeons."

"All students please return to your house dormitiories."



Honestly, for a genius, Dumbledore doesn't make the best plans.

'Oh, there's a troll loose in the school? Good thing the kids are all in the hall so we can just bolt the door and send some staff members to deal with-'


You're the worst, Dumbledore.


What's with the Slytherin hate?

There's so much prejudice against Slytherin it's in the final battle how do they know that there aren't any Slytherin students that want to fight with them?! Because that's probably most of them, you get into that house for being cunning and sneaky, not being evil... -minoe23

McGonagall's classes must've been a LOT.

I've posted this before because it preys on my mind.

I want to know how the laws of transfiguration work in Harry Potter.

You can't transfigure food, but you can transfigure animals, so why not transfigure up a chicken and cook it? You can multiply the food you have, so why not multiply the same crumb for the rest of your life and never have to worry about cooking again?


There are so many transfiguration rules!

You can't conjure something out of nothing, but vanished objects turn into "non-being, which is to say everything". Why can't you conjure from that same place?

If you can transfigure anything that's not food, what's the point of the wizarding economy? Why go buy a telescope or a cauldron or a quill when you can make one for free in a millisecond? Why buy a barrel of black beetle eyes when you can buy a single eye and create more from it?


Harry is so well-adjusted for having a horrible childhood.

Harry being a relatively normal kid despite being abused his whole childhood. The Dursleys literally called him freak instead of his name! -sentientplatypus

Why IS everyone scared of the Shrieking Shack?

Everyone is scared of the Shrieking Shack because it's haunted while they have f***ing ghosts casually floating around the castle. -acondie13

Why wasn't Tom Riddle reported for being in the girls' bathroom?

One thing that always bothered me was that Tom Riddle basically stumbled upon the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets when the entrance was in the girls' bathroom. Assuming that girls use to use this bathroom before Myrtle died, how did he get away with constantly going in there? Like okay maybe he only went late at night, but no one ever noticed anything weird going on in that bathroom? Just seems odd to me and seemed like something Rowling overlooked... -VEyeDoubleNWhy

That's not how the calendar works!

It's not a huge plot hole, but it's such a convenient coincidence that they always seem to go back to Hogwarts on the 1st of September and yet the next day is always a Monday. -FantaLemon11

Someone actually did the math!

Harry was born in 1980 so he begins schooling in the 1991 school year.

1991: September 2nd is a Monday. 1992: Tuesday 1993: Thursday 94: Wednesday 95: Thursday 96: Saturday. They do indeed head out to classes that morning. The book is literally unplayable. And of course, there was no '97 school year because they went camping instead.


Yeah, it's best not to think about this one too hard.

How exactly did Hagrid's father (by all accounts a very small man) manage to impregnate a full-blooded giantess? -wildwalrusaur

Does Aunt Petunia have selective memory loss?

Aunt Petunia had to know that students couldn't use magic outside of school, she grew up with Lilly. That big reveal was ridiculous. -lemiguess

Dumbledore is only clever when it's convenient for the plot.

Why didn't Dumbledore figure out the monster in the Chamber was a snake? I mean, it is only Slytherin's most memorable trait that he talked to snakes. This goes double after Harry is revealed as a Parseltongue.


...And Remus Lupin is only extremely FORGETFUL when it's convenient for the plot!

Why would Remus not have the other Hogsmeade passages sealed and inform everyone that Sirius is an animagus? And how could he forget that it was a full moon the night of the plot, it is literally the most important thing in his life?


Prisoner of Azkaban is amazing, but they could've thought this out a little more.

Why did no one think to put Pettigrew to sleep or knock him out with a stunner? The options presented were either kill him or keep him in a position he could easily escape from?


Have wizards not heard of Lasik surgery?

The fact that despite having seemingly infinite possibilities for magic, they can't be bothered to fix Harry's eyesight. -DrunkenBartender17 Nah, just keep casting Reparo every time Draco Malfoy steps on Harry's face. That's good enough!

Okay, but how much basic algebra do wizards know?

Not exactly a plot hole, but something that always irked me:

The entire wizarding world (or Muggle Borns at least) are operating their lives as adults with only a 6th-grade level understanding of Math, Science, English, etc.

I know the community is really insular and as a result has implemented magical ways to get the same or better result than Muggle inventions, but learning higher-level means of problem-solving, rationalization, and communication are still important.


Honestly, Harry should do this.

Try Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

It takes place in an AU where Harry was raised by a professor and research scientist at Oxford University and he tries with varying degrees of success to apply science to the wizarding world.


And that's the tea.

If magic existed, it's unlikely that the British would use it for things unrelated to tea. -iamaprettykitty

Fred and George should've cracked this case wide open YEARS before Prisoner of Azkaban!


This one's been floating around for a while. Why don't Fred and George ever notice Peter Pettigrew? Why doesn't Harry for that matter?

But the twins more so because they have had two and a half years to notice that there's an extra person sleeping with their brother. So what the heck?


The Sorcerer's Stone is actually kinda fishy...

So in the Philosopher's Stone in order to steal the stone Quirrell must get Dumbledore out of the way. In order to do this, he fakes an urgent owl from the Ministry. This is without any doubt the worst plan anyone has ever had and it is only made more ridiculous by the fact that it works. Quirrell sends the letter in the afternoon and when Harry tries to warn Dumbledore he has already left. However, Quirrell doesn't seem to go after the stone until evening.


Did Dumbledore...WANT an 11-year-old to fight Voldemort and Quirrell?

It is certainly after everyone has gone to bed when Harry, Ron, and Hermione depart. How did Quirrell know Dumbledore would decide to fly to the Ministry instead of Apparating, using Floo powder, or getting Fawkes to teleport him? All of which would have been much quicker and easier than flying.

Dumbledore could have Apparated/Floo powdered his way to the Ministry found out he wasn't actually needed and been back all inside about half an hour before Quirrell even got past Fluffy, making it unnecessary for three 11-year-olds to brave death by poisoning, Voldemort and being clubbed by a giant chess piece. Does Dumbledore want Harry to go after Quirrell? Because, reminder, he almost dies.


The stone literally would've been safe either way!

Not to mention that the protection on the mirror made it literally impossible for Quirrell to get the stone if the three stooges intrepid heroes hadn't shown up. -Twin_Brother_Me

I thought teenagers liked sticking it to the man!

House points in Harry Potter really don't make much sense. In the first 3 books (they're hardly mentioned after that) people are pissed off at Harry, Ron, and Hermione for losing them hundreds of house points. In real life, hardly any of the students would care about some arbitrary points system set up by teachers but would think Harry, Ron and Hermione are heroes for smuggling dragons or sneaking out at night. Why would a brat like Malfroy care if he got house points?? -LegendofWeevil17

This one is specific but fascinating.

One that always confused me was in the second movie after Harry gets brought back to the Burrows in the flying car. As Ron is showing him the house, they look at the clock that shows the family's locations, lost, prison home school, etc. The one that stood out to me was the dentist.

Fast forward to the sixth movie, at Slughorn's dinner party, Slughorn asks Hermoine what her parents do in the muggle world. She tells him that they are dentists. The rest of the dinner party looks around at each other as though they have no idea what a dentist is, displaying it is not something that exists in the magical world.

I understand that Arthur Wesley is very interested in muggles and their practices, but why would they include something on the clock, (which clearly serves a function as it updates when the Weasely's arrive home after rescuing Harry) that doesn't actually exist in their world. Furthermore, it is a magical artifact, why would whoever produced it include 'dentist' as an option?


Luna Lovegood isn't crazy!

Somehow in a world full of magic and countless magical creatures, Luna Lovegood is thought to be crazy for believing in nargles and the like. Not only that, but readers also think she is crazy immediately. Thestrals? ok. Hippogriff? cool! Nargles? She's nuts! -Anonymous

RIP to everyone else but Harry Potter is different.

Hermione saying Harry was the best wizard and she was only book smart. Harry knew four spells and how to ride a broom. Hermione, Ron, and other students could do all four. He only spoke parselmouth due to his connection with Voldemort. He only succeeded in the TriWizard competition because people told him the answers. He was unable to figure out any of them except how to ride a broom past a dragon.

Meanwhile. Hermione carried twice the academic load. She was the one who had any organization. She could perform many spells Harry couldn't.

Nope. Harry was a lucky jock.


If only they'd remembered the rooster rule.

Book 2, Hermione found the page on Basilisk, says cry of a rooster can kill it. Now according to the book Ginny killed all the roosters but... surely if there is a spell to turn an exotic bird into a cup (because useful?), they could have just turned Snap-, uhm, turned something into a friggin rooster and 1-shot the Basilisk. -RemoveByFriction

It's gotta be you, Harry!

"You gotta participate in the tournament, Harry! There is no way to get out!"

"Why not?"

"There just isn't"


Nobody said Voldemort has the wisdom to complement his intelligence!

Why on earth would Voldemort hide a Horcrux in a location where he would almost certainly have to fight the only person he was afraid of to access it? -FerdieFeghoot

Let's just pretend The Cursed Child never happened...

The entirety of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

For example, the time travel went against everything that had already been set up in canon.

-a__witty__username Ever noticed these plot holes? Share this with your Potterhead friends!