Bill Gates Is Happier at 63 Than at 25 Because He Does 4 Simple Things

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Bill Gates, the second wealthiest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $96.5 billion, took to Reddit to answer questions on his views, hobbies and beliefs.

Just in case you do not know who he is, Bill Gates is the principal founder of Microsoft, which brought personal computers into the world and he also happens to be a keen philanthropist.

We have got all his answers here, including which life-principles bring him happiness, whether he will be the next president, and if, he can still jump over a chair (including a video).

Just imagine a real-life billionaire answering your question?

Keep on reading to find out more.


Bill Gates took to Reddit to answer any questions people threw at him.

People are always fascinated with how the wealthy live but few (in fact, only one person) in the world are as rich as Bill Gates. Yet recently, he was seen queuing for a $7.98 burger, fries and coke order one Sunday evening at Dick’s-Drive-In, in Seattle. This fact has fascinated people and made them eager to hear more about how Bill Gates lives.

Does Bill Gates still practice what made him a billionaire?

Bill Gates’ mission through his twenties was to bring computers to everyone. He didn’t want them to just be huge machines that a few companies could use; he wanted everyone to be able to have their own, personal computer. He hasn’t written code in a shipping product since 1989, but he does still know enough to keep up with the young folk of today. (And for any of you coders out there- he uses tabs, not spaces. Surely that puts an end to the conversation?)

Some questions were a little more light-hearted.

At the heart of it all, the second wealthiest person on the planet is a phenomenal mathematician. In fact, many of the very wealthiest people are great at maths; that’s how they can understand how to code and how to devise algorithms. Maybe if they mentioned that at school, more kids would be interested.

In case you didn’t understand why 2 is so important, look at this.

Although Bill Gates didn’t expand on his answer for why 2 is his favorite prime number, another Reddit user took a shot at explaining, and it does seem to make sense. 2 has a bigger impact than any other number. It could be that Bill Gates is suggesting that we are not enough on our own, but that with more people it gets tricky, so having a partner is perfect, but that seems unlikely. Probably it’s just what this Reddit user said but you never know.

Some questions where a lot more profound.

Imagine being so wealthy, and so influential, that you can ponder what the greatest threat to the world is today, and then have an impact on how it’s dealt. Well, that’s the life of Bill Gates, he is leading the way in how to fight the spread of diseases, while also looking at how climate change can be minimized. Can you think of another billionaire who could maybe do with reading this, so they can form alliances to prevent wars rather than cutting everyone off trying to provoke them?

We need to start listening to all the experts with regard to climate change.

Climate change is a huge and real threat to humanity and the Earth. Scientists have been telling us for decades, but no one is listening. We need to start taking action. It won’t be easy, but it is essential. The longer we leave it, the more we will have to concede in order to make an impact, so we need to start now. It is still possible for us to beat climate change, but we need to start making it a priority for everyone, particularly big companies and governments.

Bill Gates is a tech guy turning his mind to philanthropy.

There is no denying that Bill Gates is doing his bit to try to help with the world’s problems, but from his answer, it sounds like his mind is naturally geared towards computers. If I had to think of a piece of technology that I want to be less theoretical, it is unlikely that I would want it to be something that makes computers smarter.

Even computers have their limitations.

It is possible that in the not-too-distant future, students will be able to do most of their learning through some sort of online system, but that’s not helping us with today’s problems. We need to focus on real-life problems and solutions. As Bill Gates points out, that means looking at ways to engage students to prevent dropping out.

Bill and Melinda Gates have saved over 4 million children’s lives.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest private charitable foundation, it is estimated to hold $50.7bn in assets. The foundation has two sets of objectives. The first is external- aiming to globally enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty. The second set is based on the US- aiming to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. They have certainly had a big impact, and it looks like their foundation has helped to vaccinate children around the world, potentially saving the lives of over 4 million children under the age of 5. That is certainly encouraging to hear.

Sometimes the philanthropic battle can be a tough one.

Socrates once said: “Wisdom is knowing how little we know.” This is a principle that Bill Gates applies here too. The moment we start working and see how much there is to do, it can be hard to make ourselves keep going, but everything makes a difference, no matter how small. Bill Gates adds that we should feel good about the improvements that we personally can make. Keep reading to find out if that makes it into his list of what he does to achieve happiness.

Health-care should be available to everyone, regardless of income or background.

The USA has the second highest GDP in the world, yet the health-care system is severely lacking. It leaves many of the population unable to get the help that they require, or at least not without taking on crippling amounts of debt. Bill Gates is right when he says that this is an aspect that needs more attention. Obama was taking a look at it, but interest in the matter has certainly faded in recent years.

The anti-vax movement is killing innocent children.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions trying to vaccinate children in under-developed countries who would otherwise die. Yet the anti-vax movement is suggesting that children should not be vaccinated. How absurd?? As Bill Gates says, at the moment it looks like it will only be when more children die from diseases from which they could have been vaccinated that people will start to realize how important vaccines are.

One optimist seems to think that work might not be necessary soon.

The idea the world will be so productive and efficient that salaries will be redundant and young people will need to seek a sense of purpose sounds like something from a futuristic, dystopian novel. Instead, we should look at how the people with the lowest incomes are surviving, and what can be done to provide sufficient benefits to everyone in society, not just for the richest few.

Bill Gates is a revolutionary.

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is a method in which people don’t just vote for one person, but instead vote for multiple people but in a ranked order. It’s a way to prevent a system which only allows for two candidates with polarised views. Instead, it allows for someone to be in power who is more representative of what everyone wants, as they are sort of an average of what everyone voted for.

How can non-billionaires help the world?

Bill Gates does a huge amount of philanthropic work, but he also has a huge amount of money. In the face of such wealth, it can seem difficult to see how a regular person can make an impact, but there is always something we can do. In his response, Bill Gates suggests a number of different organizations who work in poorer countries, and that always need some sort of help. Looking at their websites can be a good place to start for how to help in a positive and meaningful way.

Will Bill Gates be the next president?

In some ways, it might seem like Bill Gates is suggesting he is turning down the opportunity for more power. In reality, he probably has more power and influence being a billionaire philanthropist and continuing to work with Microsoft. He doesn’t have to be hemmed in by protocols and he can continue to influence people as he goes. Is this why he’s happy? Keep reading to find out.

Is there anything left to achieve for the world’s second wealthiest person?

Bill Gates’ goals have moved beyond computers or his personal life, he’s now working hard to achieve a better world for everyone. He is using his wealth and the Foundation to tackle malnutrition and diseases in children. If only the other billionaires would do the same.

Young people out there, listen to this advice.

Drive and passion are key to obtaining success, but they are not the only thing in life. Focus can be a positive, but it can also lead people to be oblivious towards other people. It is important to be self-aware and realize the impact that we have on others, as well as the world around us. This is particularly key in having a work-life balance that affects your family in a positive way.

Is Bill Gates a happy man?

It is easy to think that youth is the key to happiness, but as we get older, we learn more and become comfortable in our selves. If Bill Gates is happy at sixty, then there’s nothing to say that we won’t be too. We just need to open our minds and accept that although there are some things we won’t be able to do, there’s also a lot more than we will know.

Does having all the money in the world make a difference?

Sure, Bill Gates has a lot of money, but he makes a great point here. Being free from financial worries, which impact health and education, are key factors in achieving happiness. It shouldn’t be necessary to be a billionaire to escape these worries. This is something that the state should provide for everyone, regardless of wealth or background. If we can make these available for everyone then people will be happier, healthier, better educated, and more productive. These aren’t Bill Gates only tips on happiness either, we’ve got his answer to happiness below.

Is Bill Gates paying enough in taxes?

Following on from his comment about the need to be self-aware, this response is a classy move by Bill Gates. He is acknowledging that the rich, including himself, should all be paying more tax in order to help fund education and health services. Bill Gates pays more money in tax than most of the world will ever see but thinks that he should be paying more. How many people do you know who would say they should pay more tax?  

And then in some ways, Bill Gates just seems like a regular guy.

Everyone is looking for an insight into Bill Gates’ mind. People want to know what makes him special, how he earned so much money, and what can be done to achieve his levels of success. Taking up his reading list is certainly a good place to start. There’s not much light reading here.

His TV viewing is less high-brow than his suggested reading.

While we might expect someone like Bill Gates to purely watch documentaries or informative Ted Talks, it seems like in this respect, Bill is a bit more similar to the rest of us. Bill Gates watching Black Mirror sounds like it could be the start of a Black Mirror episode in itself.

Here are Bill Gates’ keys to happiness.

It looks like a lot of Bill Gates’ happiness is derived from others. He has already said in another comment that we need to feel good about what we can improve. This is certainly something he looks towards with his charitable work. He also believes in following through on commitments, even with yourself. Letting yourself down is an easy way to be unhappy. Exercise, on the other hand, is a simple fix to improve happiness. Feeling healthy and full of endorphins is always going to be a winner. With regard to seeing your children doing well, it is hard to think of anything that could compete with that. However, it sounds like his house helps contribute to his happiness too. Keep reading to find out what makes his house so special.

What do billionaires do to relax?

It turns out that in some ways Bill Gates really is just a normal guy, enjoying games of tennis and bridge, although, it does betray his competitive mindset. Tennis is an intense battle between two people that requires great mental strength. Meanwhile, bridge is an incredibly strategic game that requires great foresight and mental dexterity. Maybe we should all take up these hobbies to be more like Bill Gates.

Is this what all billionaires have in their house?

A trampoline room. Bill Gates actually has a trampoline room. I didn’t even know that a trampoline room could exist. Okay so, a private jet is useful too, and we wouldn’t say no to one, but a lot of rich people seem to travel in private jets. But a trampoline room is some next-level billionaire life-styling.

Of course, everyone only wanted to know one thing.

Sadly, Bill Gates didn’t mention whether or not he uses the trampoline room to work off his excess energy, but surely he does sometimes. It did lead to someone remembering a cracking video that the internet has saved for us though. Check it out below.

Did you know that Bill Gates could jump over a chair?

Yep, that’s a video of the world’s second wealthiest person jumping over an actual chair. It’s so great that technology has reached the point where we can watch this from own computers at home. Oh, the irony.

Not all of Bill Gates’ questions were about business and philanthropy.

Fear not, someone has asked the question we’ve all been wondering- can he still jump over that chair? Although Bill Gates suggested that he can’t, I think we can all agree that the most interesting part of this answer is when he says he knows he can’t jump in and out of a plastic garbage can anymore. Does this mean there is a video of him trying unsuccessfully somewhere in the world? It would be a great video to watch for sure.

So now you know how to live like Bill Gates.

So now you know how to achieve happiness, what billionaires do with their money, and all of us need to work together for a better world, regardless of personal wealth. And if you’re ever struggling to concentrate, or don’t think it’s worth working hard, remember: If you work really, really hard, one day you too might have a trampoline room in your house.