One boss offered a huge share of his company profits to those who helped make them - his staff.

Is this perhaps the best boss in the world? We think so...

In a capitalist society, work is a non-negotiable.

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For the vast majority of us, spending hours of our day at our place of work is just a reality of life.

Which, if you enjoy your work, is no problem...

But sadly, many people find themselves stuck in careers they don't really feel passionate about.

And there's something that can make matters even worse.

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In certain companies, it can feel as though the hard work of the employees all goes into the pocket of an evil, exploitative boss.

Meaning people aren't rewarded for the work they do.

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Am I the only one thinking about Jeff Bezos right now?

So many wealthy bosses are guilty of being greedy...

And instead of paying their hard-working employees fairly, they take the majority of earnings for themselves.

But you know what can make all the difference for overworked employees?

A little bit of human connection and appreciation.

It really isn't hard...

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And all it takes is a little bit of selflessness... which many bosses are sadly incapable of doing.

But one boss recently proved how putting his employees first actually benefited his business...

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And it's safe to say that he's definitely winning "Boss of the Year" this year!

This incredible boss has bucked the trend...

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And that's selflessness.

Sharing the wealth with his employees...

And the internet is loving it.

Matt Moulding is a British businessman with a difference.

This year, he donated his whole salary to charity - and donated over £12 million to help with coronavirus relief.

But that's not all - he also shared a £21 million windfall between his staff.

Some members of the company have even become multimillionaires through this share buyback scheme.

His own personal assistant has been able to retire off the money - at the age of thirty-six.

Now that's a boss we'd like to have! And for bosses we wouldn't like to have, read on for a list of the worst bosses to ever live...