Bindi Irwin Opens up About the Heartbreak of Her Dad Not Being at Her Wedding | 22 Words

Australian fans have been left furious as their country will be the last to watch the televised wedding of Bindi Irwin and they have not been holding back their angry opinions.

But now Bindi has opened up with the heartbreaking truth behind her marriage. This video has got us all feeling emotional.

Steve Irwin's love of animals shines through his daughter, Bindi.

The Irwin family owns Australia Zoo, which spans nearly 1000 acres and employs over four-hundred staff. But the park has humble beginnings and was originally born from the tiny wildlife park that Steve's family moved to when he was just a child.

Bindi and her dad were very close...

And as a little girl, she would regularly feature on his documentaries.

Sadly, Steve passed away in 2006 from a stingray attack while filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

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At just eight-years-old, Bindi read out a eulogy during her dad's memorial service.

And now, over a decade after her father's death, Bindi continues to follow in her father's footsteps, along with the rest of her family...

The Irwin family has kept Steve's legacy alive through their important work at Australia Zoo.

And as you'd expect, this is where Bindi met her now-husband, Chandler Powell.

The pair met when Chandler, who's now twenty-two, was visiting the zoo while in Australia for a professional wakeboarding competition from America.

They've now been together for 6 years.

The childhood sweethearts are quite literally a match made in heaven. Chandler exhibits the same passion for animals as the Irwin's, working with Bindi and her family at Australia Zoo in Queensland.

He regularly features on Bindi's social media...

Chandler is clearly heavily involved with the family's conservation work, as Bindi has shared countless images of herself with Powell at the zoo.

And on Bindi's twenty-first birthday...

She announced to her fans that they were engaged.

She shared this snap on her Instagram...

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Bindi was reportedly celebrating her birthday surrounded by friends and family when Chandler popped the question.

We got a closer look at the ring in this picture...

Announcing the exciting news, Bindi wrote on her Instagram, "July 24th, 2019… On my birthday I said ‘yes’ and ‘forever’ to the love of my life. Chandler, close to 6 years ago I fell in love with you and every day since has been a whirlwind of adventure and true happiness. I’m so looking forward to spending our forever together as your wife. Here’s to a lifetime of friendship, purpose and unconditional love. — Now let’s get married already!"

Here's what Chandler wrote on his Instagram...

"She said YES! Almost 6 years ago we met at Australia Zoo. I immediately fell head over heels for her kind and thoughtful heart that radiates so much light. Proposing in her very favorite place in the zoo, surrounded by animals, seemed like the perfect way to embark on this incredible new chapter in our lives. Bee, I love you more than anything in this world and I always will. Happy Birthday," he wrote.

And of course, Bindi's younger brother, Robert, was quick to offer his congratulations to the happy couple.

The sixteen-year-old gave some brotherly love to his sister, writing that the couple are "true soulmates" and have "always been so completely perfect for each other."

Obviously, it was hard to forget that Steve Irwin wasn't there, in the flesh that is, to see his daughter get engaged.

But he was definitely there in spirit, and would have been so proud.

And last month, the happy day finally arrived.

On the 25th of March 2020, Bindi and Chandler finally said their "I do's" and became husband and wife.

It was a small and private ceremony...

And last-minute changes were made due to the ongoing pandemic. Bindi wrote, "We held a small ceremony and I married my best friend. There are no words to describe the amount of love and light in my heart right now. We’ve planned this beautiful day for nearly a year and had to change everything, as we didn’t have guests at our wedding. This was a very difficult decision but important to keep everyone safe. We wish all of our friends and family could have been there with us, however, it’s lovely that we will be able to share photos and videos."

They had no guests due to the recent restrictions from the virus...

"We wish all of our friends and family could have been there with us, however, it’s lovely that we will be able to share photos and videos. Right now we’re encouraging the world to hold onto hope and love, which will carry us forward during this profound time in history. Today we celebrated life and reveled in every beautiful moment we shared together in our Australia Zoo gardens. Mum helped me get ready, Robert walked me down the aisle, Chandler became my husband and together we lit a candle in Dad’s memory," she explained.

They got married in a secluded location where Steve used to regularly film...

And Bindi recently spoke fondly of the day and how she honored her late dad.

They felt their wedding location was "meant to be"...

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Speaking to PEOPLE, Bindi said: "Where we got married was such a special place to dad. It’s a beautiful little area where he had filmed for many years. It felt really wonderful and just meant to be."

Steve was with them throughout the entire ceremony...

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"We had dad’s picture with his dog Sui blown up on an easel," she explained, "So mom and Robert were standing right next to dad as we exchanged vows. We had a candle-lighting ceremony for him, and it really felt like he was there with us. It was a lovely moment of peace and happiness."

And for an added touch...

Bindi's bouquet that she carried down the aisle was finished with a khaki bow, which was Steve's signature color. "Most brides have something blue; I had my khaki," she said.

So far, the couple have kept any further details from their special day on the down-low...

And have only shared a handful of photos from the ceremony... Which are stunning, by the way.

But they recently had a huge surprise for their fans.

Their wedding had actually been filmed, and was going to feature in a special episode of Crikey! It's the Irwins. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, many of their Australian fans aren't happy.

Because, despite their ceremony being filmed in Australia, and the Irwin's being Australian National treasures, the Oceania country will be the last to air the episode.

The episode has first being aired here in the States...

And other countries such as the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and South Korea will all get to watch the wedding before Australia does.

So, quite understandably, Aussie fans are pretty put out by their decision.

Surely Australians should have the right to see their wedding before the rest of the world?

The online backlash has been endless.

It isn't exactly what a newlywed couple needs, is it?

They were eventually forced to respond to the anger and confusion.

Chandler wrote: "Hi guys! Thank you to everyone who tuned in. Programming is out of our control as Animal Planet decides when to air the show. We will keep you posted as we find out more air dates!"

It turns out the dates are completely out of their control...

Bindi's mom, Terri, weighed in on the situation herself, and promised to enquire about the Australian dates. "We don’t have an answer for that, as @AnimalPlanet is in charge of working through the scheduling for more than 200 countries and territories around the world. We would love to see the wedding special on earlier in Australia. We’ll pose the question and let you know!"

Terri even took the time to reply to various other Twitter users' inquiries...

And gave a personalized message to each person depending on their country.

We can't wait to see the footage from Bindi and Chandler's wedding.

But now Bindi has opened up with some heartbreaking truths about the marriage.

"I wish, I wish so much, that dad and Chandler could have met."

It must be so difficult for Bindi to never be able to introduce her two favorite people.

"But what's the one thing dad would have wanted?... He would have wanted me to be happy, for this to be the most joyful time in my life."

"And that's how I am really trying to approach this. His spirit lives on in everything we do, and I think he'd be really excited." Want more from the Irwin family? Scroll on to see how Robert is coping in isolation...