Birth Flower Tattoos Are the New, Classier Zodiac Sign Tattoos and We Are So Into Them

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Getting a tattoo is one of those decisions that you should think long and hard about before you take the plunge. It’s not something to take lightly, and there’s nothing worse than getting something permanently etched into your skin that you grow to despise shortly thereafter. Sure, you may love that band right now, but do you really want to wake up in five years with an enormous “Nickelback” tattoo across your back? Or a Post Malone face tattoo? I’m guessing not. (Seriously, just say “no” to face tattoos.)

So why not consider getting something that’s equally pretty and meaningful? Something that can be customized to your specific identity and style? Birth flower tattoos are becoming all the rage, and they’re putting zodiac tats to shame. Here’s a challenge for you: Try to get through this article without looking up the nearest tattoo parlor. It may be tougher than you think.

So, you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, huh?

It’s a big commitment, so you want to get something that reflects your personality in a deeply personal and meaningful way. No dumb smiley faces or soon-to-be ex’s names for you!

You’ve probably considered a zodiac sign.

This popular tattoo choice does check all the boxes: It’s personal, meaningful, and isn’t something you’d end up deeply regretting in a few short months (like that smiley face or now-ex’s name).

But let’s take a moment to reflect before you get an enormous lion face inked on your back.

First of all, they’ve been done to death. You can’t walk into a Starbucks without running into someone with their zodiac sign tattooed somewhere on their body.

Secondly, they’ve become a bit boring at this point.

They’re ALL over Instagram, and even if you do happen to spot a cool and unique design, it’s still probably pretty similar to something you’ve seen 100 million times before.

Thirdly, zodiac tats can be pretty…well…tacky.

I’m not saying they’re all tacky (if the person reading this has one, I’m sure it’s beautiful), but you have to admit that there are some zodiac tattoos out there that should never, ever have happened. If only there were another option.

Oh, wait! There is!

Did you know that every month has two (except November, which only has one) flowers associated with it? And that they all happen to be insanely gorgeous flowers that you’d have to be crazy to not want to be tattooed with. Let’s take a look at some, shall we?


For such a dark and chilly month, January sure does have some bright and cheery flowers! Different colored carnations hold different meanings. Pink means affection, while red means love.


The snowdrop flower is reminiscent of, well, drops of snow, and signifies hope and beauty. How lovely is that?!


Not only are violets a gorgeous purple color, but they also represent watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness. This would be a great tat to get with a bestie who shares your birth month.


Primrose is the other flower associated with February birthdays. This perennial represents youth and everlasting life.


Who doesn’t love a bright yellow daffodil? This sweet flower represents love and springtime, with would be a great motivational tat to cling to during the bitter winter months.


Jonquils, which is a term for a specific type of daffodil, is equivalent to vanity and desire, so feel free to get one of these inked onto a particularly sexy part of your body that you love showing off.


Daisies are probably the most adorable of all the flowers, which represent innocence, loyalty, and love. They also make perfect tattoos.

April-Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are basically the ideal when it comes to choosing a flower to tattoo on your body. They’re a gorgeous mix of colors and shapes and represent bliss and pleasure.

May-Lily of the Valley

Not only does the Lily of the Valley smell amazing but it also signifies sweetness and humility. How perfect is this little behind-the-ear tattoo?


The Hawthorn plant represents supreme happiness. Who couldn’t use a bit of supreme happiness in their life?


A rose tattoo is always a classic, but when chosen as a birth month flower tattoo it’s even more meaningful. This iconic flower represents love, happiness, purity, and new beginnings.


June’s birth flower is also the honeysuckle, which is a rich reddish-orange color and signifies everlasting love. Couples tattoo, anyone?


Ever heard of the larkspur flower? This striking plant comes in different colors, each with a different meaning. The white flower represents nature and harmony, the pink flower represents fickleness and the purple flower represents first love.

July-Water Lily

How stunning is this water lily ankle tattoo? This fragrant flower signifies purity and majesty.


The gladiolus, also known as the “sword lily,” represents integrity and remembrance, making it a perfect choice to commemorate a loved one who has passed away.


Poppies are bright and vivacious, with bold red color and delicate shape. They signify pleasure, wealth and success.


The bright purple color of the aster flower has a revitalizing quality to it, and it represents powerful love. I, for one, am slightly obsessed with this upper arm aster tat.

September-Morning Glory

The Morning Glory is the other flower associated with September, which blooms into gorgeous bell shapes and has a vivid pinkish lavender color. They dignify sweetness and affection. Aw!


How perfect is it that the marigold represents October? The orange-yellow hue is pretty darn close to that of a pumpkin, and they represent the sun rays that guide the recently departed into the afterlife. Does that scream Halloween or WHAT?


Cosmos are the other flowers associated with this autumnal month. They signify peace, order and serenity.


Although November only has one flower associated with it, it packs a major punch. The chrysanthemum comes in many colors, each one holding a different meaning. Red ones mean love, white ones mean innocence, and yellow ones mean slighted love. So, remember that the next time you think about giving your significant other a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums.


The narcissus flower is a special type of daffodil that’s all white with tiny yellow stems. This small and delicate flower signifies unconditional love, and that you want your loved ones to stay the same as they are now forever.


And, of course, what better to represent December than holly? This green-and-red plant signifies a longing for domestic happiness. It also pretty much screams “Christmastime,” so be prepared for people to ask you why you love Christmas so much if you get this one inked.

So basically, I want all of these.

But the best part about getting a birth flower tattoo is that no one has to know that it’s a birth flower tattoo, meaning you could just get any of the above flowers that speak to you the most. Or all of them. And just walk around looking like a human garden.