Birthday Tacos Are Now a Trend Replacing Birthday Cakes

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Tacos have long been an internet favorite – but now birthday tacos are a thing, and they’re the perfect way to celebrate!

Want to see how you can make one of these birthday tacos for yourself? Scroll on…

Mexican food is everyone’s favorite…

For a quick meal or a drunken snack, there’s nothing better… And if you don’t agree, you’re simply lying to yourself.

And we are beyond grateful!

Burritos, tacos, enchiladas… We’re truly spoiled for choice.

Tacos, of course!

It’s beyond cute!

So it’s about time that tacos got their turn.

There’s no better way to celebrate.

And we’re fully planning on including them in our celebratory spread this year!

This idea is too cute.

And can be customized according to taste.

And your choice of dip, of course.

Except for maybe a side of tequila…

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