You have to hand it to the internet, they're always willing to come up with new and innovative ways for us to consume alcohol. We all know the espresso martini is in the God tier level of cocktails - but the latest twist on the drink may just be even better...

What's better than coffee plus alcohol? It would have to be throwing a cookie into the mix. And, of course, the greatest cookie on the market? Biscoff, of course.

Yep, some absolute geniuses out there have combined the taste of Biscoff with the amazingness of an espresso martini and created one of the most mouth-watering cocktails on the market.

The tasty blend of espresso, vodka, creamy caramel liqueur, mouthwatering Biscoff spread, and those all-important Biscoff cookies have been cropping up at fancy cocktail bars around the world. But what makes this recipe even better? They're fairly easy to recreate at home, too!

All you need is 1oz of espresso, 1oz of vodka, 1oz of caramel-flavored liquor, 1oz of Biscoff spread, and extra Biscoff cookies for decoration and crunch.

Add all the wet ingredients to your cocktail shaker along with plenty of ice, then get mixing. Once you're happy, pour into a martini glass and top with Biscoff cookie crumbs.

People are all for this new cocktail innovation. "Biscoffs are good and Espresso Martinis are good so I see no problems here at all," one enthusiastic Facebook commenter wrote. Another added: "I'm gonna be needing one of these, and you guys already had the espresso martini part down."

Another shared this mixology tip: "Better with the coffee warm if you're using a shaker as opposed to a blender."

Others were a little more skeptical. One less-than-impressed commenter simply said: "Or as I like that call it 'shove any old sh*** in a glass and skinny-jeaned brogue wearing half-wits will part with cash or tap it on there iPhone 90 pro max XL s.'" Ouch!

Will you be trying out this intriguing recipe? Or do you think it's a little bit too far in the world of experimental cocktails?