Fans Are Mocking Bizarre Idris Elba Doll That Looks Nothing Like Him

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Unless you live under a rock, you should be well aware by now that Idris Elba is the sexiest man alive. If you don’t believe us, take People magazine’s word for it. They granted him with this greatest award known to mankind, and rightfully so! He’s gorgeous, talented, and obviously, sexy. How many times can I say sexy when referencing Idris Elba? I’m assuming I can say it an infinite amount of times.

So, when you’re a famously gorgeous actor, such as Idris, it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a doll to look like you. Right? That’s a totally normal byproduct of being a celebrity, right?

British doll manufacturer, Emperis, unveiled a replica doll that is meant to look like Idris Elba and, well, it looks nothing like him.

I mean truly, it’s a travesty. And since this is 2018, the internet had some thoughts about this supposed “Idris Elba” doll.

Are you ready to see what it looks like?

Oh, my! What is happening? In what world is that Idris Elba?

Straight up disrespectful.

How are they going to market that doll as Mr. Elba? It’s bonkers.

The internet did not keep their thoughts quiet.

The Twittersphere was outraged! It doesn’t make any sense, did the creator of this doll have eyes?

A lot of people were beyond amused.

I can’t stop looking at this doll. It’s impossible to look away, I’ve been staring for 45 minutes.

Real talk. Who designed this?

And do they still have a job? What did they use for reference?

Twitter users were also quick to call out people who they thought the doll actually liked like.

Because it sure as heck doesn’t look like Idris Elba.

The snapping turtle is very specific, but it works.

Do you think anyone will purchase this doll for their Secret Santa gift? One can only hope.

The GID and meme reaction here is on point!

We’re all confused. And we’re all waiting for answers.

Maybe Idris Elba will buy himself a doll?

Luckily, the doll has arrived just in time for the holidays!

They really missed the mark.

The mark is so far in the other direction. We can no longer see the mark.

You would think somewhere along the process somebody would point out that this doll looks nothing like the actor.

How many rounds of approval did the doll have to go through? WHO SAID YES TO THIS?

There are no words.

When the entirety of Twitter is confused, you know it’s serious.

People are really amused.

It just doesn’t make any sense. No matter what position the doll is in!

The comparisons are never-ending.

Imagine getting this doll in your stocking. Now imagine spending all of Christmas morning pondering who this doll is supposed to be.

There’s no denying that this doll is a true fail. But it looks like it could be worse.

Did the same artists sculpt this statue of Martin Luther King Jr.?

But seriously, is somebody getting fired?

In no world or universe does Idris Elba look like this doll.

This is the best tweet of all time.

And weirdly enough, this makes perfect sense.

A lot of people said the doll looks like actor Romany Malco.

Twitter is savage! His mentions must be blowing up.

The shock brought out a lot of good GIFs.

How can you not be shocked by such a heinous creation?

Would you still buy the doll if you’re a die-hard Idris Elba fan?

I’m sorry, to some people £850 is a lot of cash! It’s especially a lot of money to pay for an incorrectly made doll!

Some took pity on actor Romany Malco.

He didn’t ask for this, and Idris Elba didn’t ask for this! None of us asked for this, quite frankly.

The passion behind these tweets!

The outrage makes sense. Idris Elba is a beloved actor. How dare they do him so dirty?

The tweets never stop coming.

If you want to laugh hard at Idris Elba doll reactions, I implore you to go on Twitter.

You know there has to be one person out there who thinks this doll does a great job looking like Idris Elba.

Whoever that person is… They are wrong. Gravely wrong.

What does Idris think?

The reaction GIFs of Idris are amazing.

The internet has spoken.

And the verdict is: This still looks nothing like Idris Elba.

Honestly though, it’s all pretty hilarious.

Twitter never lets down when it comes to reactions.

Also, why does the doll resemble Jafar?

It really seems like the designer of the doll looked at a picture of Jafar beforehand. This was my first thought!

But alas, we shall all remain confused.

There’s no point in trying to make sense of this mess.

But for real, who is that?

We’re dying to know. Because, once again, it couldn’t be farther from Idris Elba. Share this with your friend who loves the British actor.