Caught on camera: A ten-year-old black boy plays basketball but as soon as he sees a police car pass by, he hides behind a car until it is out of sight. This is the reality for many black children living in America.

Keep scrolling to see the full footage. This one will break your heart, ladies and gentlemen.

Tensions between police officers and civilians have never been so high.

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This is the harsh reality for black people everywhere. They fear the people that are supposed to "protect us" and there is so much evidence of it as you'll see.

But how did we manage to get here in the first place?

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On Monday, May 25th, a defenseless black man was killed while in a police restraint. The only difference with this alleged killing was the fact that it was caught on camera.

George Floyd was arrested and forced to the ground...

Where former police officer, Derek Chauvin, proceeded to kneel on his neck, while 3 other officers knelt on his back.

The impact this particular death had on people was substantial...

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And, in the highly distressing scenes, he could be heard begging with the officers to release him and repeatedly saying "Please, please... I can't breathe."

After nearly ten minutes, George was completely unresponsive.

An ambulance arrived and took the unconscious man to hospital but, devastatingly, he was pronounced dead upon arrival. He was only forty-six years old.

This kind of police brutality has been happening for centuries now...

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But George's death has sparked an outrage like never before.

Thousands upon thousands of people have been taking to the streets in protest...

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And they are all marching for one thing: For the blatant racism and injustice in this country to be brought to an end.

Protests have been taking place all over the world.

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From the United Kingdom to New Zealand, the global solidarity has been incredible to see.

But things were quick to turn violent.

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Protesters became interweaved with rioters and, as they continue to clash with police, the scenes unfolding across our country have been becoming steadily more violent.

Police officers have been forced to resort to violence in order to maintain the riots...

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And this has only fueled the nation's anger further.

But not all of these police officers have been turning to violence.

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Various stories have been emerging about the solidarity experienced between police officers and protestors but some people still haven't reached that stage yet.

For black people in America, this is their harsh reality.

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Police forces have been known and have previously admitted to purposefully attacking and detaining civilians because they are black.

At a protest in Houston, Texas, a little girl became quite upset at the sight of the police officers.

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The police presence evidently frightened the little girl. So one officer, who happened to be passing by at the time, decided to step in when the little girl asked, "are you going to shoot me?"

In a bid to reassure her, the police officer knelt down, put his arm around her, and said:

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"We're here to protect you okay? We're not here to hurt you at all. You can protest, you can party, you can do whatever you want."

But this is not always the case.

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Many young black children are still very frightened of the police because of how many people in their community have been shot and killed at their hands. Systemic racism is a lesson taught to them from a young age.

This footage of a ten-year-old black boy hiding from a police vehicle recently went viral.

In the clip, you can see him playing basketball when a cop car simply passes by, but rather than just continuing playing, the little boy hides behind another car and waits until they are gone.

The heartbreaking video was taken from CCTV footage.

Stacey, the little boy's mother uploaded it to her Instagram writing: "Debated with myself for a few days before deciding to post this. I was at work watching my son shoot hoops in the driveway when I caught this. It floored me..."

She continued:

"I’ll save the dramatics, but growing up black or brown most of the time means fearing the police vs looking up to them. I live in an affluent neighborhood in Trumbull with a really good school system. This kid has all the opportunity to do/be whatever he wants unlike many kids who look like him because resources aren’t made available. Why does he feel like he has to hide when he isn’t doing anything wrong?"

And she then elaborated that she didn't teach him to fear the police.

"I asked him why he did that when he got home. He replied; “because they killed George Floyd". Stunned, I replied; ok kiddo. I didn’t know what and still don’t know what to say to him to make it better. A manager at my job told me to tell him that doing what he did is ridiculous and that I should teach him not to be fearful of police. Deep down I don’t know if it’s true, maybe staying out of the way is best. "He didn’t learn this behavior at home. We stream movies so he doesn’t see the news and we don’t talk negatively about the police."

And on that note, she ended the caption in the most powerful way:

"No need to reply in the comments, but think to yourself.. What would you say?"

Here it is:

No child should have to fear for their lives like this. Keep scrolling to see a more heartwarming interaction between police officers and protestors.