Black Bear Approaches Extremely Calm Hikers in Terrifying Footage

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Shocking footage has emerged of a black bear approaching a group of hikers and they dealt with the situation in the best possible way…

We can’t imagine anything worse than encountering a wild bear…

Well, this was recently the reality for a group of hikers in Mexico, and they handled it in the best possible way.

Why is it so dangerous to encounter one of these creatures?

The majority have proven to be extremely dangerous towards us humans and they are most certainly not an animal to be reckoned with.

And they will react quickly if they feel surprised or threatened.

According to National Geographic, people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors are at a much higher risk of unwillingly attracting a bear. “If you’re a hiker, be more careful about various kinds of scents and things that you would have on you – such as food, deodorant, and even chewing gum.”

These creatures are also unbelievably strong.

On average, a grizzly bear can weigh up to 700 lbs and they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph – making it physically impossible for us humans to outrun a bear.

We wouldn’t stand a chance.

But because of a bear’s unpredictable nature, an encounter is always likely to end in disaster.

But they handled it very impressively.

And they were suddenly joined by an unexpected visitor – a black bear.

And just as experts suggested, the women stood completely still as the bear made its way over to them to check them out.

Which must have been unbelievably hard as at several points, the bear stood on his hind legs to give one of the women a good sniff.

And at one point, she tries to shuffle away and the bear playfully paws at her leg. Yikes.

And the tension is very much apparent as the hikers patiently wait for the bear to lose interest.

And even though it looks back several times at the bewildered hikers, it just plods away and carries on with its day.

And it’s safe to say that people were freaked out!

And it is undeniable how terrifying a bear experience must be.

As we all know that the moment you run from a bear, you have no chance.

A second video surfaced from another angle and it shows one of the hikers discreetly taking a selfie with the bear as it was stood behind her checking her out.

The hikers remain anonymous but hopefully, one of them will surface on social media soon to tell their side of the story.

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