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After 245 years, the U.S. Marines have officially promoted their first-ever Black brigadier general.

Here's the full story...

For Col. Anthony Henderson, this victory has been a long time coming.

United States Marine Corps

The fifty-three-year-old, pictured above, has been passed over on 3 separate occasions for the role of brigadier general - each time, the promotion board demurred, and instead opted for white men.

The Marines have long held a reputation as the nation's toughest fighting force...


But it remains an institution where a handful of white men command 185,000 white, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian men and women, the New York Times stated in their investigation.

African-American troops were only allowed to sign up in 1942...


Making the Marine Corps the last military service to do so.

However, only twenty-five Black men have since obtained the rank of general in any form.


The only troops to be bestowed with a top 4-star rank have been solely white men - seventy-two of them, to be precise.

6 African-Americans have managed to reach lieutenant general, or 3 stars.


Bu the rest have received just 1 or 2 stars, the majority in areas such as logistics, transportation, and communications, specialties that rarely lead into the most senior leadership.

So, of course, the news of Colonel Henderson making the cut for brigadier general has spread like wildfire.

Now, Henderson began his Marine career in 1994 while already holding a law degree...

U.S Marine Corps

And has "multiple combat tours, leadership experience and the respect of those he commanded and most who commanded him."

He was recently strategic advisor and military secretary to then-Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer, who enthusiastically recommended him for promotion.

U.S Marine Corps

And yet, Henderson has not yet made brigadier general in 3 tries.

​The list of 9 colonels becoming brigadier generals was signed by President Biden and arrived at the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, March 3rd, where the confirmation process began.

It also includes another Black colonel - Ahmed T. Williamson, the military assistant to the assistant commandant of the Marines.

On the promotion, Milton D. Whitfield Sr., a retired gunnery sergeant who served for twenty-one-years in the Marines, told the New York Times:

U.S Marine Corps

"Anthony Henderson should have gotten selected last year. Or the year before that. Or the year before that. He is who the Marine Corps should want up there - someone who will speak truth to power."

Col. Thomas Hobbs, who's also retired from the Marines, added that Black senior officers "have to adjust themselves in a way that's non-threatening to whites…"

U.S Marine Corps

"Anthony doesn't do that. He's just a proud Black guy."

Congratulations, Brigadier Henderson!