Black Rain Frogs Sound Like Squeaky Toys and Look Like Sad Avocados

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Tiny angry-looking animals are simply the cutest, but the black rain frog that looks like a sad avocado is now the biggest competitor.

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Especially those who have a permanently sad expression, and it’s safe to say the black rain frog is a strong competitor to become the cutest. But firstly, let’s take a look at some very special (and very angry) little creatures…

This Tumblr user’s cat brought home a little present… An angry rabbit. He was later released back out into the field.

Apparently, this cat “acted up at the vet.”

I think this takes the Angry Birds game to a whole new level. Yikes!

I didn’t think a dog standing on his back legs could ever look so fierce…

After a quick bath, this kitten was plotting up some revenge.

Those eyebrows though…

Now, all cats have experienced this feeling…

“I don’t want to wear it, mom.”

Watch out, this little guy is ready to pounce.

It’s all in the eyes, guys.

Another angry bird…

“Is this what you call a nest?”

Now, this is a resting b**** face if I ever did see one.

If looks could kill, you’d be 6 foot under.

“Where’s breakfast?”

“I can’t even look at you right now.”

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” Perfectly describes this photograph.

If this man was wagging his finger in my face, I would be annoyed too.

This Japenese white-eyed bird was captured at the right moment.

An angry ball of fluff.

This adorable pair loves playing “good cop, bad cop.” Guess which one’s which?

The sad-looking black rain frog.

Nope, neither have we.

The black rain frog is native to South Africa and they can be found living amongst soil and fallen leaves – which is a great camouflage mechanism.

They fill themselves with air, puffing up to appear larger. Then they yell at their antagonist… with a less than fearsome roar.

Which goes perfectly with their little frowns.

You’re welcome! For more unusual animals, keep scrolling to have a look at the adorable birds that look like balls of cotton fluff…