A headmaster has been under fire for making a Black child kneel in front of him to confess his "wrongdoings"...

It is a truly divisive topic.

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How far is too far when it comes to punishment?

Now, we all know that children need a firm telling off from time to time.

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But when is a punishment deemed as "over the line?"

We all have the classic go-to punishment methods...

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The naughty step, confiscating their favorite toy... You get the gist.

But, sadly, there are some adults out there who abuse their power over a child...

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And resort to physical violence as a means of punishment.

Violence is never okay...

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Especially when it's used against a child.

And, sometimes, this abuse of power is used in the classroom.

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While most teachers are there to educate and help children, some sadly take things to a different level.

Some teachers have been known to take punishments to another level with their misbehaving students...

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And the latest example of this has shocked audiences.

It happened in Long Island.

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A Black student was ordered to kneel down in front of his white headmaster and confess his wrongdoings.

And the internet is truly divided over the issue, with many claiming that it's a form of abuse.


The headmaster of St. Martin de Porres Marianist has been under fire as he reportedly made an eleven-year-old Black child kneel and confess.

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It all started when an English teacher at the school reportedly saw Trayson Paul working on a different assignment and decided to send him to the headmaster.

The New York Daily News also reported that he ripped up the paper in front of him and then sent him away.

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But the humiliation got worse when the headmaster made him kneel in front of him and confess his "wrongdoings" because the father of a Nigerian student said it's the "African way" of apologizing. Truly disturbing.

Upon hearing about the incident, the boy's mother said this:


‚Äč"Once he started mentioning this African family, that's when it just clicked. Like, this is not a normal procedure. I felt there was no relevance at all. Is he generalizing that everyone who is Black is African? That's when I realized something is not right with this situation."

The headmaster has now been put on leave.


Hopefully the child can recover from such a traumatizing event.

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