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Black Woman Who Looks White Reveals Shocking Things White People Say To Her

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A black woman who appears physically white has revealed some of the shocking things white people say to her.

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This is Miriam Zinter.

A black woman who physically appears white.

This is because both of Miriam’s parents, who are black, have white ancestors, so as a result of her recessive white genes, she was born with very light skin, blue eyes and wavy, light hair.


But now, Miriam has opened up about some of the racist things white people say to her when they think they’re talking to a fellow white person.

Not too long ago, one of Miriam’s neighbours called her over to ask why she had a Black Lives Matter sign in her garden. Her response? “You know I’m black right?”


Now, in a new piece for the HuffPost, Miriam has recounted the experience and many others.

She wrote:
“I told him how Black Lives Matter calls attention to the fact that Black people are considered less than white people ― and that needs to stop. I also told him if people don’t understand that Black lives matter, Black people will continue to be murdered by the police and denied opportunities by the establishment.”


Miriam also wrote of some other horrific experiences she’s had to endure.

She continued:

“My kindergarten teacher did not feel it was appropriate for a Black child to learn and play with white children. She left me inside the classroom on my own while the other students played. I stood by the window and cried. My parents complained to the principal – a child of Italian immigrants – and he stepped in.”


“White people think I am white too, and therefore feel safe saying all kinds of horrible things they might not say publicly. I’ve had people tell me it ‘disgusts’ them to see interracial couples. They’ve told me they don’t understand why Black neighbourhoods look so ‘ghetto’ and that Black people are ‘animals’ or ‘thugs’.”

The scariest thing, however, is that many of these people are educated, they hold jobs that give them power over black people, people such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, and teachers, Miriam concluded…