Skincare isn't always a pleasant walk in the park.

Whether that's vigorously plucking eyebrows or desperately trying to pop a zit, taking care of our faces is a strenuous task.

But one man has shared his method of removing blackheads and it has freaked the entire internet out.

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Skincare is super important.

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The majority of adults spend a lot of time in their daily routines to make sure their appearances are up to scratch and presentable.

Skincare varies for everyone...

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Whether that's using a face mask every night or applying an organic coffee face scrub, everyone's skin differs greatly.

But what about tackling blackheads?

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Blackheads are those pesky small black bumps that appear on a person's face, particularly around the nose area.

Blackheads are a form of acne...

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And they make an appearance due to clogged hair follicles.

Some people are more prone to develop blackheads than others...

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People who produce more body oil, who undergo hormonal changes, or who take drugs or medication are more likely to have a breakout of blackheads... which is never pleasant.

Of course, blackheads are harmless...

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But they aren't the prettiest thing to look at now, are they?

Removing blackheads has become somewhat of a viral obsession...

In similarity to the odd satisfaction of pimple popping, people get some gross kicks from popping pimples and blackheads.

When it comes to removing blackheads...

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The majority of people remove them using wax or facemasks, but one man has shared his bizarre technique online and it's freaked the entire internet out.

Jacob Acosta shared his video on Youtube...

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The short video starts with him placing his fingers underneath his nose that is riddled with blackheads.

This is when things get really gross...

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Jacob pushes upwards on his nose, pretty much pushing his entire nose back in towards his face.

He keeps pushing, causing the blackheads to break open...

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Don't worry, you aren't the only ones who feel very nauseous all of a sudden.

Jacob seems pretty happy with himself...

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And he has the evidence on his nose to show it!

His pores must have been extremely clogged...

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He captioned the video, which has been viewed over 4 million times, "I push up on my nose and you’ll see my pores are fairly clogged."

This isn't a recommended technique, however...

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Numerous people who have commented on the viral video have claimed to have injured themselves trying the technique, with some even claiming to have broken noses from the attempt.

It seems that people are either disgusted by the video or are very impressed...

You can figure that out for yourselves here, but we must warn you, it's some pretty graphic content. For more pimple popping satisfaction, keep scrolling to learn about the pimple popping game that is perfect for those who love squeezing spots.