#BlackHogwarts Is the Viral 'Harry Potter' Thread You Didn't Know You Needed, but Absolutely Do | 22 Words

It's been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first came out, and ever since then, the series has cemented itself as one of the touchstones of popular culture. Generations of children have grown up reading the series focusing on the adventures of the boy wizard and his friends.

There's always been one big complaint about Harry Potter, however – it's not racially diverse. Except for that one black kid who always called out Quidditch matches, black Potter fans – like moi –  have been hard pressed to see themselves in the wizarding world.

Now, a new hashtag is changing that. It's called #BlackHogwarts and it reimagines what Hogwarts would be like if it were predominantly black.
For instance, how would your parents react if you broke your wand. You know they wouldn't just buy you a new one, right?
For that matter, EVERY time you made the slightest mistake at school, you'd just have to sit there, waiting for your mama to send you a howler.
And the sorting hat? Whole 'nother issue, because first you have to make sure your hair stays fly. No one likes sorting hat head. No one.
And what if the hat almost made a mistake? What if it *gasp* almost sorted you into Slytherin?
But then again, you probably belong in slytherin. Why? Cause you're petty. You know it's true.
And the pictures on the halls wouldn't be of stuffy old ghosts, oh no. It would be Biggie and 2Pac, and also that one ghost that would confirm, definitively, that OJ did it. That's after he told you who killed Biggie and 2Pac first.
Mudblood, of course, would take on dangerous new meaning. And Drake would be there to school you the minute you uttered it.
Even the school personnel would change. Hagrid would get a Rick Ross-is facelift, complete with jewels and luxurious furs.
The defense against dark arts teacher would have a newly glamorous look, and she'd always have an entourage.
And shade would be a dark art taught by the master of shade himself who would correct you, shadily, if you made the slightest fumble.
Even Sirius Black would have new swagger after he got out of Azkaban. No more skulking and moping around for him, oh no. He would be fly...
The Minister of Magic of course would be dope. He'd look like Obama, except with a newly expensive flair. Less everyone's favored uncle, more Prince at the height of his powers.
And then, of course, the houses would be different. Slytherin, for instance, would be more dangerous and glamorous.
Advanced transfiguration would be taught by Rupaul, who's been doing it for years and years.
Going to Platform 93/4 would be more of an event. Like a whole spectacle, actually.
Snoop of course would be professor of Herbology, as he's already been in real life for basically his entire life.
Patronuses would be more awesome. Waaay more awesome.
The reactions to every. single. drama. would be the most. The. Most.
There'd be more classes than ever. Some of them skirting legality.
Gryfindor would be way more hype. They would just do the most.
Going to Hogsmeade would be a bit more of a problem. Finances and all that.
On the subject of finances, have you ever wondered what would happen if a student didn't have enough money for an owl? Well, #BlackHogwarts has you sorted.
And the Hufflepuff girls would continue to be masters of understatement. While the Ravenclaw girls would just be dreamy.
And of course, Dumbledore would finally get the burial he deserved in the style he deserved. Black Hogwarts. It's a thing.