These Blackout Curtains Have Little Holes in Them To Allow a Starry Night Sky To Appear on Your Kids’ Windows

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Looking for some aesthetic new curtains? Something a little bit different than the plain old boring stripe or dull color design, but don’t know what you’re wanting? Well here’s your starry sign!

These blackout curtains have little holes in them to allow a starry night sky to appear on your kid’s windows, and yours, if that’s what you love!

Now, we get it, why would you buy blackout curtains with little holes in the shape of moons and stars when you can just get plain blackout curtains?

Why would you want plain blackout curtains when you can welcome a friendly design through your window? Blocking out the sun at the same time…
There are ten beautiful colors to choose from Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Burgundy, Dark Navy, Light Green, Lilac, Peach Pink, and Purple!

And they come in 4 different sizes too.

The small curtain starts at $29, and the price goes up depending on the size of the curtains, with the largest being only $34 and with a 5-star review, these curtains have caught the eyes of many dreamers, hoping their kids will love it as much as they do…

Shoppers are just soaking up their new starry homes…

“How fun are these excellent blackout curtains! They don’t let much light in, but the stars are a great touch! So much fun for a children’s room!” one person said.
“The picture is during the brightest part of the day! Our baby has definitely taken longer naps in her crib with the addition of these curtains providing a darkened room. The stars in the fabric are mesmerizing and beautiful at night,” another wrote while saying she would get the darker colors instead of the light blue she chose!”
And another person excitedly boasted: “These curtains are so cool! They are thick without being super heavy and work well as blackout curtains. The holes provide cool stars on the wall which the kids love. We have received several compliments on them.”

And who doesn’t want to be complimented for their decor choices?

Want some yourself? Here’s where you’ll find them!
I promise you won’t regret it…