Tattoo Artist Creates Beautiful Blackout Tattoo Designs That Cover Large Areas

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When it comes to body art, there’s no end to the incredible inspiration that can be found online. But one artist who has gone viral this week creates work that is truly unique – and truly stunning.

Esther Garcia’s work is truly one of a kind.

​She’s gone viral this week for her blackout tattoos that make floral inking stand out from the crowd.

She’s told Awesome Inventions that she draws inspiration from 17th-century Dutch flower and fruit paintings.

She incorporates traditional flowers like sweet peas, peonies, and roses, plus creatures including birds and butterflies, too.

​Each of her blackout tattoos is a total one-of-a-kind design.

And if you’re feeling tempted to get your own, she does reportedly take commissions through Instagram from time to time – but it’s hard to get an opening, for obvious reasons, of course!

“It doesn’t hurt to ask, and I often have ideas for alternate designs/techniques I’m very excited about, so please don’t hesitate to write in. I likely will not be willing to make it much smaller, or take out the weird part, or copy something I’ve already done on someone else,” she’s said.

People are absolutely loving these unique and beautiful tats.
“I love this style of ink. Gorgeous,” wrote one Facebook fan.

“It’s be like wearing the same pair of leggings for the rest of your life,” another joked.

It’s hard to deny these tattoos are an absolute feast for the eyes.
Would you rock a blackout tat like this?