We tend to romanticize the lives of celebrities. Many of this think that the lives of the rich and famous are delightful and beautiful pretty much all of the time. After all, most of the pictures we see show them looking glamorous as all get-out, gallivanting with their other rich and famous friends (who also look ridiculously glamorous).

But you know intellectually that celebrities don't look beautiful 100 percent of the time. It's impossible. That's why it was so refreshing a couple years ago when that #nomakeup selfie trend started going around. Finally, we had proof that celebrities were — if only for brief moments — just like us. Or at least a little bit like us.

Blake Lively recently posted her own #nomakeup selfie that left the Internet with a bunch of questions.

You know Blake Lively. She's beautiful and lovely and hilarious and, well, pretty much perfect.

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Of course, we usually see her with a full face of makeup and amazing outfits that were handpicked by her personal stylists. Wouldn't you love to see her without makeup?

Well, here you go! Lively posted this picture on Instagram using the #nomakeup hashtag:

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As you can see, she is not wearing even a little bit of makeup. Not a speck of eyeshadow. Not even the merest hint of lipstick. Foundation? LOSTation. ...Wait. Wait just a second, here.

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She is wearing makeup! How dare she use the #nomakeup hashtag on a picture in which she is very clearly made up! She can't do that, can she? Lie? On the INTERNET?!

A bunch of the comments on her picture pointed out the fact that Blake's "#nomakeup" selfie actually featured quite a bit of makeup.

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What would we do without the people who comment on social media? They're the brave keyboard warriors who dive into the fray and tell us what we're supposed to be thinking about any given topic. We need them.

Unfortunately for those keyboard warriors, they didn't know who they were messing with in this particular instance.

This is Blake Lively we're talking about here, folks. Haven't you seen her constantly troll her husband Ryan Reynolds on social media? This ain't her first time at the Instagram rodeo. Luckily, some people caught on to the joke...

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Lively's caption was 100 percent sarcasm. Helloooooo, people! Obviously she's wearing makeup. Anyone who thought she was being serious is clearly not familiar with the one, the only Blake Lively.

She's also no stranger to sharing photos that show her as she actually is.

Most of the time, that means she shares an ultra glamorous photo of her wearing gowns that cost more than your mortgage payment. But sometimes it means she shares pictures of her face covered in gloppy sunblock.

And sometimes she shares embarrassing photos of her as a teenager and her cat wearing matching goggles. (Although, we personally feel that Lively has nothing to be embarrassed about here.)

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In the end, Lively shared a funny picture with a funny caption. And isn't that what the Internet is all about?

You go, Blake Lively.

Keep doin' you. And when people somehow misunderstand your brand of humor? Forget 'em. We'll be over here laughing no matter what.