Dogs are a man’s best friend. Loyal, caring and obedient, they are often seen as the ideal pet. But dogs can get sick, and that often leads to a lot of heartache.

Recently, an 11-year-old golden retriever, Charlie, had his life changed forever when a serious illness caused him to lose his sight. Although animals can often cope with the loss of a sense, they are likely to become depressed and lonely. That was the case with Charlie until a new companion was introduced into his life, taking away the darkness and bringing in nothing but light.

Charlie is a good boy.

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Charlie belongs to Chelsea Stipe and her family, and he is an angel. Just look at him.

But, sadly, tragedy struck.

Although he had always been incredibly loving and healthy, Charlie was afflicted by glaucoma.

And it changed his life forever.

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Because of the illness, Charlie had to have both of his eyes removed, leaving him completely blind.

At first, everything was okay.

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The family noted how nothing seemed to change after Charlie’s life-altering operation, but things soon began to change. Charlie slowly became less excitable and seemed to be depressed.

So Chelsea made a decision.

Realizing that Charlie probably needed a friend through this hard time, she decided to bring one home for him.

Meet Maverick.

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The puppy was introduced into the household and, quickly, Charlie’s mood began to brighten.

The two immediately became good friends.

Maverick’s energy and bubbly personality ignited something similar in Charlie; the two became inseparable.

And the family has noticed the amazing change!

In an interview, Chelsea had this to say: "Charlie has definitely been more playful and puppy-like since Maverick came around. We’d buy him toys and he wouldn’t think about playing with them. Now, they’re just constantly playing with each other."

Maverick has even adapted to Charlie’s disability.

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Although he is only a puppy, Maverick seems to understand that Charlie cannot see the world the same way he does, and so he has adapted to help Charlie with that limitation.

He’s always there for his buddy.

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"He knows Charlie is different. He’ll put toys in front of him. He’s very aware, when Charlie starts to move, to be on the lookout for him. When they walk together, Maverick helps keep Charlie in line."

They're the best of friends!

The puppy will even help Charlie by walking alongside him and making sure that he is okay.

And their differences don’t matter.

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If anything, it has made their friendship stronger!

They never leave each other’s side.

"It's amazing. They’re just such a great combo. They’re always together."

Charlie will never get his sight back.

But because of Maverick, he knows that his life isn’t over. In many ways, the little blonde puppy has shown him that there’s still so much to enjoy!

This is definitely friendship goals!

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Maverick has made Charlie see the world in a different way, something that Chelsea thanks him for every day: “With Maverick, it’s like he got this jolt in him, this zest for life again. If he had eyes, I know there’d be a twinkle in them." The canine-duo also have their own Instagram, if you want to follow their adorable friendship!