Prepare to Be Disturbed by These Blood-Chilling Real Life Experiences | 22 Words

Have you ever experienced something that made every hair on your body stand straight up? Maybe it was an encounter with a stranger that just seemed off or noise in the middle of the night that made you question whether or not you were alone in your house. Some people have had run-ins in nature with dangerous creatures that could have ended catastrophically, or medical missteps that made them question whether or not to ever step foot in a hospital again.

The following 30 true stories are from people who lived through something straight out of a horror movie. If you're feeling brave, keep scrolling. If you're on your phone at 3 am with a bad case of insomnia, you might want to bookmark this page for later unless you're prepared for some seriously disturbing nightmares. Number 29 is enough to make me lose sleep for an entire week.

"About 10 years ago, I took my dog out for a short walk."

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"We lived in a run-down but historic part of town-old houses that are either beautifully maintained, abandoned, or generally going to shit. There was a good mix of people in that neighborhood. Anyway, walking the dog, I get about three or four houses down and stop at the corner while Pony sniffs some grass or whatever. I turn around and suddenly there is a man standing waaayyyy too close to me. No idea where he came from. I'm usually very aware of my surroundings and Pony HATED strange men. I stumbled a few steps back. I immediately had this absolute bone-chilling sick feeling. He asked me, "Is that a pit bull?" and I replied, "Yes". Then he said, "Oh, she'll protect you." At this point, my body flooded with adrenaline and I turned to run back to my house. I saw my mom standing on the porch and thought to yell to her. She had no reason to come out on the porch, and I honestly think she had a bad feeling. I don't know what good me yelling really did, but it was all I could think to do. I've never had such a flight response before or since that encounter." -Noneverdid

"When I was sixteen, my parents went out of town for a weekend. It was actually pretty sweet because I got to be 'King of the Castle' for the weekend."

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"So I get home that Friday night and just dick around (internet, video games, etc.) and start watching TV around dusk. The way our living room was set up was that there was a set of glass doors right next to the television that looked out to the back porch/backyard. The backyard was surrounded by ivy that grew on a hill around a 45-degree angle. So I'm just mindlessly channel surfing and I see some movement outside. At first, I just dismiss it thinking it's a bird or a neighborhood cat or something, but I then notice that whatever is moving is WAY bigger than a bird or a cat. I go and put my face near the glass and stare into the backyard, and there's some dude just crouching in the ivy looking into the house. Our eyes meet and he has somewhat of an 'Oh shit!' moment and BOLTS out of our yard. Scared the shit out me." -Born2dodishes

"I was 8 and woke up to an explosion of dog barks and screams coming from our back yard and screams trailing down the street."

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"We get outside and my dog is chewing on a bloody shoe and a bit of gym shorts were hanging off the backyard fence. We call the cops and they investigate. From the footprints, they could see the guy tried every window with my dog following, and when he got to mine my dog went full attack mode. The guy was picked up that night on an unrelated charge but they put 2 and 2 together later and charged him." -tdasnowman

"A bear ran across my yard."

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"A huge bear.

I'm in f****** South Jersey."


"I was home for the summer from college, and my mother and brother had just headed out for a day trip to visit colleges. This meant I was to take care of my father."

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"Something was clearly wrong with Dad but we couldn't tell what. He had Parkinson's but it was more than that. But we figured I could handle him.

This is when I came to realize something in his broken mind hated me with a passion. He wouldn't listen to anything I said. I called mom on the house phone because at least he'd listen to her. I gave him one phone and I was on another, yelling at each other through it even though we were five feet apart. Poor mom trying to referee from a few hundred miles away.

Finally, dad hangs up his phone and hands it to me. 

It was like for a moment someone else was in his body. He stared at me, and in the most calm, cold voice I have ever heard, said:

'I'm going to kill you.'

There was no emotion behind it. There was no energy. He said it as fact. I was stunned.

Mom heard it over the phone. As I stood there, paralyzed, her voice broke through in a whisper. 'Kii, run.'

I threw the phone at dad, rounded the corner and grabbed my keys. My car screamed out of the driveway. It was pure animal instinct for me at that point. I had to run. Because if I stayed there...

Dad didn't really remember what happened. He was confused as to why I was suddenly gone. I have no idea what went on in his head at that moment, but I stared into something back there."


"I was in Vegas last year with my brother. We both like to party hard, still in our 20's. Walking down the strip, I see two guys with backpacks on, I know what that means, and I say 'Damn, wish we had some weed.'"

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"They immediately turn around, and offer us other things as well, and we took down the guy's number to get other things later in the night.

Hours later, after tons and tons of booze and stuff, we call this guy up for more. When we met these two guys, they were on foot, the second time though we had to meet them in front of a hotel because they were driving, so he tells us to hop in for a few so we can get what we need without people watching.

Now at this point, my brother and I are f***** up and don't realize what's happening until it starts to get dark. We had only been driving for 10 minutes but we were obviously off the strip, away from the lights, people, anything. This guy is driving like a maniac, with music blasting so it was a bit distracting. My brother finally asks them where we're going, and they say we're heading to a liquor store real quick and then they'll drop us back off, but it seems like we're in the middle of nowhere.

Finally realizing the situation we're in, we open the doors while we're stopped at a light and run to a gas station. We flag down a cab that drove by a few minutes later. After we told him what happened, he calmly tells us, 'There is no liquor store over here...'

It was the worst and best feeling ever: We narrowly escaped god knows what and stayed silent for the rest of the night."


"When my daughter was about 6 weeks old, I woke up to the inside laundry door banging."

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"Now, my husband often left the laundry window open to avoid condensation when the dryer was on, so I assumed it was the wind. But the baby was fussing so I got up to change her.

I had this really bad feeling but she was fussing so after hesitating at the bedroom door I went out to change her anyway because I figured I was just paranoid, like a bad dream or something. As I step out the door I hear this really loud bang of the door.

Stuck my head around the corner and sure enough, it was the laundry door. So I finish changing her, get her settled into bed again and go and shut the laundry window, then go back to bed.

When I got up the next morning I found muddy footprints all over the loungeroom carpet and our Wii and some other stuff was missing. I realized that when I got up I disturbed whoever had broken into our house. If I hadn't hesitated at the door I would have run right into them.

God knows what might have happened I had nightmares for months."


"A year ago I was driving home from college. It's a 3-hour drive and you cross the boonies to get between the two destinations."

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"On my way home I realized I had forgotten to get gas. So I took an exit off of the freeway into a small town to get gas. I pulled up to what I guess was a locally owned gas station cause it was closed but you could still use your debit/credit card.

I pulled up to the pump and heard movement in the tree line to the west of me. As I looked over I saw two huge guys emerging from the tree line running straight at me with masks on. I ran back into my car and drove away with them only a few feet away from me.

I called the cops and gave my statement. Apparently, those two guys have already badly beaten a few people and killed one and are hitting different towns."


"So, two years ago I'm working deep in the Louisiana woods, very late at night."

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"I am on an oil field location all alone getting a load. There are no lights where I am standing; only the red glow of my trailer lights. I am miles from anyone and at the bottom of a hill so there is no cell service and there was no one at dispatch. Well, halfway through my load I suddenly, out of nowhere, get this spine-tingling chill up my neck.  I get this INTENSE paranoid feeling like I'm being watched. I turn my flashlight and shine it frantically on top of my trailer, on top of the tanks, I shine it behind the tanks. I get this urge to cut my load short, I unhook and frantically run up into my truck and haul ass. At 8 am I get a text waking me up. It's a picture message from the guy that pumps the location. Behind the tank battery, 20 feet from where I was standing, were the largest set of cat paw prints sunk into the clay, paws almost as big as my hand. You could see where the cat had been pacing back and forth behind the tanks watching me. That's obviously spine-tingling, but the strange part is how I just 'knew' something was watching me." -[deleted]

"I was driving with my wife going on vacation about 20 years ago."

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"I had to work that day so we left out about 8 pm. Around midnight or so I drove through a whole bunch of 'people' who just appeared on a lonely stretch of highway in the northern Hill Country of Texas. I say people but my wife whom I was talking to at the time saw nothing. I let out some holy shits and scared the shit out of her. I drove a few more miles and pulled over and she drove. I believe that fatigue had just set in even though I was not nodding off. Or I may have just driven through a bunch of ghosts. Probably a covered cemetery under the highway." -blh75

"Night flight back to Singapore from Sydney. I was 17 years old."

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"An hour in, there's turbulence. The plane loses altitude. Suddenly. We must've dropped 10k feet in five seconds.

The oxygen masks drop. The girl in front of me who's traveling by herself starts crying. My parents look terrified. I feel f****** terrified. I keep thinking, 'Oh god, what will happen to my dog?'

The Japanese tourists behind me are having a blast, laughing and whooping. The pilot's voice comes over the intercom. He says, 'We're heading back to Sydney.'

Days later, my dad (who works for the airline) finds out that the flight had a frozen oxygen valve and it f***** up the cockpit equipment. The pilot eventually had to fly back in the dark because the equipment was shot to hell."


"One night during my freshman year of high school, I had a band concert at school."

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"Afterwards, I walked to the car with my mom and a buddy asked for a ride home. He lived like a block from us so it was no big deal. We were driving to his place and just chatting when I noticed something weird in the street ahead of us. It looked like someone standing there, just standing perfectly still in the middle of the road. I pointed him out and my mom said there's no way it was a person just standing there. The street wasn't super lit and it was at night so none of us were sure what it was. My mom slowed down and we realized it was just some guy standing in the road facing directly at us just staring straight ahead. My mom slowly drives around him and he doesn't move at all. He just stood there perfectly still, not moving a muscle. We dropped off my friend while I was on the phone calling 911. We then drove home but had to drive back that same road with that creepy guy. It had maybe been 5 minutes since we drove past him so we were freaked out that he'd be there and possibly with friends this time. To our surprise, he was gone. No sign of him. We got home shortly after and never heard anything about it ever again." -Semajj

"When my daughter was 3 she stayed the night at a friends house who had 2 little girls about the same age."

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"They were all asleep, and my friend was in her room with the baby monitor. I get a call a little after 3 in the morning saying I needed to come get her. Apparently, my friend had heard the bedroom door where the girls were open and close a few times and then all three girls started screaming bloody murder at the exact same time. My daughter had a handprint-shaped bruise on her arm the size of an 8-year-olds hand, and there was no one there that could have made it. All three girls said there was an old woman with the face of a monster standing in the doorway, and that she was opening and closing the door, and that a little girl was trying to wake my daughter because the old lady was going to hurt her. She's 6 now and still talks about this. My friend had paranormal hunters come out after this and quite a few other incidents and they said there were three ghosts that lived on the property, one was an 8-year-old girl and one was an old woman, the other was a really tall man." -UnitatoUniverse

"On a recent backroad camping trip, my buddy and I were sitting by our fire cooking/burning smokies and talking."

"As it started to get dark, the wind picked up and trees started to creak, and we heard a wolf howl in the distance. I ask him if he heard it, and he did. I normally don't think much about wolves, but this time I had a dog with me, and the wolves where I live have killed many a camper's dog. A few minutes went by, and we heard another howl, clearer and closer. We started building up the fire, I grabbed my tomahawk, he grabbed his machete, and we decided if we hear another howl we're gonna make a run for the truck and put my dog in. Sure enough, we heard another howl, even closer, so we get up and start heading for the truck. As we reach the halfway point, my dog stopped to pick up a stick, and as I turned around I heard another wolf howl about 20 feet away from us. I called my dog and we bolted to the truck, and we got him in safely. We were pretty sure we avoided having to fight off a pack of wolves. I slept with my tomahawk and flare gun right beside me that night." -throwawayjoe1997

"There is a trap camera in our backyard because my mom is obsessed with proving there is a flying squirrel she swears she's seen."

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"My parents go on vacation so it's just me at home all week with no visitors because I work all the time.

When they come home my mom retrieves the pictures to see if she can spot the squirrel but instead, she finds two pictures of a man looking through the glass door while I was sleeping or watching TV. One of him looking and the next of him walking away, both kind of blurry and obscured by bird feeders.

Knowing someone was just watching me completely oblivious gave me the weirdest feeling and it still makes me feel uncomfortable."


"A friend whom I worked with regularly asked me to attend a party with him; it was being held by his ex."

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"My friend didn’t really want to go, he still felt awkwardly stuck in the trough of being the newly ex-boyfriend but was trying to move forward and be nice. The party was being held on a pleasure boat on the Thames. We farted around for a while, both got dressed up, had a glass of wine, danced around my flat to “I Will Survive", and then, giggling, allowed time to slip by so much that the boat departed and we no longer could attend, even if we wanted to. He called me early the next morning to say that the boat, The Marchioness, was hit by a giant sand dredger craft and sunk. Twenty-nine people died, my agent was one of them. I knew several other people personally;  it was an immense tragedy. A week later, I saw a clairvoyant. I didn't say one word, she held up her hand, and said, 'I hear piano music, it sounds like it is coming from under the water.' The person that the party was thrown for, who died, played piano at a concert level." -Poullafouca

"I can't remember exactly how old I was but I was camping in my old house's back garden with my best friend, so definitely younger than ten."

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"My mum gave me a walky-talky in case we needed anything.

I had just said goodnight and let the button go when at an even pacing the channel would open to dead silence. I thought it was just my dad playing tricks so I told him to stop.

Silence for about ten seconds and then this horrible voice that chills me to this day went into graphic detail about what was going to happen to me and my corpse.

I can't remember what happened afterward; more than likely pissed pants and girlish screams from the both of us.

Whenever I bring it up my friend brushes it off and doesn't seem to remember."


"I was driving down a road in Portland in a residential neighborhood."

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"Had to drive around a possibly homeless or tweaker guy on his bike, in the middle of the road. He has gotten off his bike and was peeling a dead squirrel that had been run over off the pavement.

Curious, I waited a little longer at the stop sign just ahead and watched in my rear view mirror.

That mother****** stood up, dead squirrel in hand, and took a BITE out of the damned thing."


"To preface this, I'm 6'3" and about 175lbs so not a small person by any means."

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"I was walking home one night, and I passed a black SUV that was driving toward me. They stopped just past me, so I stopped and looked behind me, wondering why the hell they stopped.

The driver's side window rolled down and the driver was massive, like 6'6"+ 400lbs+, and was making direct eye contact with me. His passenger climbed back into the SUV leaned over...and pointed right at me.

I started briskly walking. They started to reverse. I began to jog. They sped up to keep pace. They were literally backing up to keep pace with me. The driver was staring right at me, the entire time.

I hit a full sprint and these guys blow through a 4-way intersection and a red light. Suddenly a car backs up and blocks their driveway. I round the corner, my keys already out and get inside, and run up into my 2nd-floor apartment.

I can hear the driver flipping the fuck out on the person who pulled out. He sounded absolutely enraged. I don't know what their plans were, and I'd rather not know."


"One time I was driving to CO from IL in my Honda which had bad tires."

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"I hit a patch of ice that sent me in a full 360-degree spin that left me facing directly into the valley of a mountain. This s*** had no guard rail, nothing. Sheer drop. My two friends and me in the car, needless to say, almost s*** our pants. No one would have found us." -coquinaa

"This happened when I was in college. My roommate was asleep one night."

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"I was sitting in the living room watching TV when he comes staggering out of his room at 3:14 am. He tells me about this dream that he had about his grandfather and how his grandpa said goodbye to him. He said it freaked him out and he went back to sleep about an hour later or so. The next morning at about 9 am I'm heading to bed and he gets a phone call from his father telling him his grandfather had passed away in the night. His grandmother found him dead in bed around 3 am. S*** like that makes my mind boggle." -THE_IRISHMAN_35

"A couple of years ago I was at home on my own at about 11 pm."

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"Our house overlooks a street and there are not very many places to hide from view unless a car is parked. It had been snowing for a while and there was that eerie silence when snow falls. I stood next to the window just watching it fall by the streetlight when out of nowhere a snowball hits the window directly opposite my face. If there had been anyone there I definitely would have seen them, and my window is a floor up so someone had to have thrown it." -[deleted]

"At around 6 I remember my dad and the preacher from the church my parents attended exorcizing my mom in the living room."

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"There was a lot of wrestling, writhing, and screaming. I was supposed to be in my room but sneaked out because of the noise." -Dyzzfunction

"Was backseat with a car full of my friends cruising some canyon."

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"We rounded a corner and I swear I saw what looked like a lady in white trying to flag us down. I forgot who said something first but I wasn't the only one in the car that saw it. My friend driving said multiple people have seen the same thing before. Years later I'm on some random site that lists 'haunted spots' when I notice my city listed on the site and even creepier: that exact same canyon with a description of exactly what my friends and I saw." -Anjunabeast

"When I was a kid, I was rummaging around in the basement and found a gun."

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"I, like a moron, pointed it at myself and almost pulled the trigger without thinking. I was young, maybe I thought it was a toy, I can't be sure. I stopped cause I heard something upstairs and stashed the gun back where I found it. A few years later I went and looked at the gun. It hadn't moved from where I put it, and it was, in fact, loaded." -Canadian_Toast

"There's a big wooded area right next to the town where I live."

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"A bicycle path with street lights leads through a part of it. I was out with my buddies at night, on our way back home along that path, when a cyclist came riding our way. He had no lights on his bike, no reflectors, black bike, black pants, black hoody. He was going FAST. And as he was speeding along the bike path, all the street lights went dark, one by one, right when he passed them." -[deleted]

"We had a foreign exchange student from Korea stay with us during my sophomore year of high school (we'll call him Andy). He was shy around adults but his English was great and he was very outgoing with us and other kids at school."

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"Andy was well-liked enough to get us invited to a small party with a few of the 'cool kids' at our school. We were there until about 3 AM and started walking home.

We got within about a block of my house and started hearing loud moaning/sobbing coming from the front yard of the house on the corner of my street. We didn't know the guy who lived there but we approached the home mostly out of concern.

We quickly realized our mistake, as what we saw in the garage was one of the most confusing and disturbing things I've ever seen. This guy was in his garage at 3 AM grilling steaks, balling his eyes out, and frantically pointing his rifle in random directions. When he saw us he immediately points the gun in my direction and starts yelling incoherently.

We both put our hands in the air and started backing up as slowly as possible. It was probably only about 10 seconds until we were around the corner and running but it felt much longer. He never stopped screaming and I was pretty sure he was going to shoot me the entire time.

It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. I have no idea why he was grilling in his garage at 3 AM much less hysterical with his rifle out. Mostly, I felt bad for Andy (his 3rd weekend in America) but we never really went anywhere near the house again."


"I've always lived alone with my Mom in a garden level flat. It was the end of June, I just finished passing the French equivalent of the A levels so I was pretty much exhausted and happy it was all over. We went to bed as normal."

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"Around 5.30am, I heard an awful sound, like glass and water and I don't know what else. I hear Mom whispering through the door 'Pompadour, could you please come with me? Something is not okay.'

We went to the living room first and everything was quiet. My heart was racing and we continued to the kitchen.

On the kitchen floor, there was our goldfish, desperately jumping in the middle of a puddle of water and broken glass. The bars of the kitchen window had been bent open be the kitchen was empty.

We saved the fish, called the police and then I received a call. My dad never ever called, I wasn't in contact with him, hadn't seen him in like 3 years. He called us a 6 am out of the blue asking if 'everything was okay' at our place. He's supposed to live 100 km away. We think he tried to get into the flat, but he's f****** tall and ended up knocking off the aquarium.

To this day I close every window, every door and watch my surroundings every time I know my father knows my current address. My Mom got an alarm. The fish are now living at my grandparents in a natural pond."


"A good friend of mine was deer hunting on his family's property in southwest Georgia in the late 1980's."

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"While walking to his tree stand (in darkness, before the sun had risen) he was startled by an upright figure that crossed right in front of him walking swiftly, and with purpose. The spookiest part to me is that while walking right past my friend, the shadowy figure paid no attention to him at all, never slowed his pace, and didn't make a sound. This was in the fall, with lots of dry foliage on the ground to make noise. My friend froze in his tracks until the figure was out of sight. He was totally creeped out and didn't stick around to hunt that morning. It's been more than 25 years since that happened. He's still a friend of mine, and it still gives me chills when he demonstrates the way the figure walked past him." -bdeen15

"I had a blood transfusion happening."

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"The blood was kept cold for storage except the nurse was new to this so she didn't wait for it to warm up to transfusable temperatures. It was both literally and figuratively the most blood-chilling experience yet.

In case you were wondering, I survived. It felt too cold so I told the nurse and she stopped it almost immediately."