The 3,000 Piece Galaxy Jigsaw Series Is The Most Mesmerizing Yet

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It’s time to strap yourselves in because we’re going on a journey beyond the stars. Blue Kazoo’s latest series has been branded their most “mesmerizing” series yet. Three new and amazing jigsaws for your puzzling pleasure.

Have a look for yourselves…

Our galaxy looks like a cool place, right? Well, it looks even cooler in puzzle form.

Who would have thought, eh?

Introducing Blue Kazoo’s GALAXY series!

3 puzzles, one mesmerizing collection.

Each spectacular box contains all you need for the perfect puzzling experience including a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle on a premium board.

All the pieces are precisely cut for a snug fit and once complete, span across a magical 20×30 inches, and just for reference, all the boxes also come with a high-quality 2:1 poster.

Not only that, but the poster features a photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, rendered gloriously in high resolution.

Every precisely cut, star-packed piece of our 2mm premium puzzle board offers a tiny glimpse of the bigger picture.

The stunning series celebrates 3 spectacular star formations to inspire and transport you into a whole new world.

From majestic nurseries of stellar newborns to a cluster of eclectic stars, these puzzles will sweep you across a space of wonder and light.

Let me take you through what the series has to offer…

Up first, we have the beauty that is Nebula.
20,000 light-years away, in the Southern constellation Carina, there lies a dense, violent region of space where the gas is so hot it glows, where infant stars teem like ants, where light and wind are one and the same. Its name is Westerlund 2, and it hosts some of the biggest and brightest stars known.
Marvel over every hue and sparkle as you join dark pieces to light—a meditative, enriching exercise to test your skill and expand your perspective.

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And when you’re done with that one, move onto Pillars.

They call it “the Pillars of Creation.” Inspired by a sermon on the divine foundations of the world, it was the only fitting name for this spectacular formation of gas, dust, and light found in the Eagle Nebula—a cradle of newborn stars.
One of the most famous pictures ever taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and now part of our GALAXY puzzle series. The colors! The contrasts! The sharp, glowing edges! Each precisely cut piece in this 1,000-piece stunner will be a pleasure to join its neighbor.

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And last up on our tour is the stunning Starfield.

At the fringes of the Large Magellanic Cloud, there lies a massive ball of stars named NGC 1866, whose dazzling myriads practically beg to be photographed—and transformed into art the way only a puzzle can.

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And together, they create the perfect 3,000-piece collection.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work come to life in the form of beautiful puzzles. And when you’re done, your masterpiece can be hung on the wall, making the perfect statement piece for any room.

And they are right at your fingertips…

You can get your hands on the GALAXY series via the website by clicking here.
Happy puzzling!

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