Amazon Reviewer Calls All White Jigsaw ‘Satan In Puzzle Form’

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The puzzle creators at Blue Kazoo have ventured into new territory with one of their most daring puzzle series and it’s become a hot topic amongst avid puzzlers. But out of the collection, one puzzle seems to have taken the spotlight for the most sinister of them all…

It’s so terrifying that one Amazon reviewer has even described it as “Satan in puzzle form.”

It seems like a pretty fitting description.
You’ll understand once you have a look at it for yourselves.

3 puzzles, 3 colors, 1000 pieces each.

Blue Kazoo has unleashed the perfect series just in time for April Fool’s Day!

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Normal thrill-seekers will find their buzz bungee jumping…

But for others, these dangerous puzzles will provide all the excitement they need.

Take a look at these bad boys…

We have Black, White, and Red All Over. They’re fiendish. Sadistic. Diabolical, if you will.

Spanning over a premium board, these limited edition 20×30 inch puzzles have been meticulously crafted for your puzzling pleasure.

A solid black, a solid white, and a solid red. Are you brave enough to take on such torment?

To be honest, we’re a little concerned about the creator’s sanity for being able to come up with such a series.

They’re perfect for friends, for enemies, and if you’re feeling particularly sadistic, they might even be considered self-care. Hey, I’m not here to judge, don’t worry!

And it seems as though one particular Amazon reviewer felt the pain of trying to complete the solid-colored puzzle White.

They even went as far as describing the creation as “Satan in puzzle form” and we really don’t blame them. It’s not a puzzle for the faint-hearted.

Here’s the full review:

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Whatever the reason behind your interest, we can guarantee you’ll be in for one hell of a ride.

So how about it? Click here to get your hands on this daring creation.
Happy puzzling!

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