Blue Kazoo’s Color Series is Finally Back in Stock | 22 Words

Blue Kazoo has announced that their amazing Color Series is back in stock! You heard that right, folks, the best-selling bundle has had a fresh supply and is now available again for all you puzzle fanatics...

And the news just couldn't come at a better time, could it?

We're only 2 months into the new year and I'm already exhausted. So what better way to relax than to get stuck into a puzzle?

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Blue Kazoo's best-selling Color Series is back and ready to bring some extra excitement to your lives.

Three beautifully crafted puzzles for your puzzling pleasure.

Now, if you've not heard about the Color Series before...

Blue Kazoo

First of all, where have you been? Secondly, don't worry, because I'm here to give you all the low down on these bad boys.

First up in the collection is one of the originals...

Blue Kazoo

Ladies and gentlemen, The Pantone Color Wheel- A staple foundation for the series and one of the most challenging. When completed, the 26.5-inch circle makes for the perfect statement piece for any room.

Up next, we have the Gradient puzzle.

Blue Kazoo

If you could get through the Color Wheel without breaking a sweat, we can guarantee you that the Gradient puzzle will have you hot under the collar.

It's vibrant, yet challenging and it's bound to make you question your sanity...

What's not to love?

And then finally, the cherry on top of the puzzle bundle is none other than the Triangles jigsaw...

Blue Kazoo

The trick with this masterpiece is not to get too obsessed with the beauty of the bold colors. But don't worry because we've seen it happen before, the intersecting lines will snap you back to reality. It truly makes for a fun and stimulating way to spend your free time.

And together, they make for an irresistible bundle.

Blue Kazoo

You heard it here first folks (unless you follow @BlueKazooGames on Instagram, then you probably heard it there!) Get your hands on the bundle today by clicking here before they're all gone.

Happy puzzling!

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