Blue Kazoo Are Back in Space With the Mars Puzzle

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Attention folks, new puzzle alert!

You may have heard about the iconic Earth, Sun, and Moon puzzles created by the geniuses at Blue Kazoo, but now they’ve ventured further into space to focus on the solar system, and it all starts with the Red Planet…

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Say hello to Blue Kazoo’s newest jigsaw puzzle…


A 1,000 piece premium puzzle, ready to expand your vision of our solar system.

This planet puzzle features the most detailed image of Mars you’ve ever seen (unless you’re the Hubble Telescope, of course) and includes a thousand high-quality pieces to give you the most satisfying puzzle experience.

The perfect combination of relaxation and intensity.

In the digital age, it may be hard to find that time away from a bright screen, but with the MARS puzzle, you’re guaranteed hours upon hours of fun away from your phone.

The puzzle fanatics at Blue Kazoo have spent what they refer to as “an embarrassingly long time” perfecting this puzzle, but it just emphasizes how much thought and care has gone into the craftsmanship.

And the outcome of the product truly does speak for itself; the windy, crimson plains of Mars never looked so enticing.

And if you don’t want to take it from me, take it from the glowing reviews left by happy customers…

“Working on the beautiful yet challenging Mars ? Just the right amount of challenge where it’s not so frustrating‚Ķ (so far ?),” wrote one person.

Another added that this puzzle was all about “seeing the super fine details.”

“I definitely think this will be a challenge but so far I have been satisfied with the amount of progress I have made! This puzzle is all about seeing the super fine details. For example, depending on where the curve of the planet is, depends on how more defined the craters are. And there is a slow gradient of red. Making this so far is not as extremely challenging as I expected. Watch me eat my words when the colors are more similar and it becomes harder,” they wrote.

And for only $35.99, you’re really in for a treat!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Blue Kazoo’s MARS puzzle today. Click here to have a look for yourself!
Happy puzzling, folks!