Blue Kazoo Secret Code Gets Puzzle Lovers Free Shipping

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If you love puzzles, chances are you’ll be aware of Blue Kazoo. It’s the best place to purchase all kinds of interesting and mind-boggling puzzles, all for a great price.

But that’s not all. If you need a little extra temptation, Blue Kazoo is offering readers an exclusive discount with the code SHIPSFREE. You can enjoy free shipping – and even better, the code can be applied an unlimited amount of times per customer.

There’s just one issue. The holiday season leads to massive shipping delays around the country – and experts have predicted that this year, it’ll be worse than ever. That’s why Blue Kazoo is offering their exclusive discount before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can enjoy your discounts now, and rest assured you’ll get your orders in ample time for the holidays.

Shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a nightmare.

Online shopping makes it easy to avoid the crowds – but comes with a whole new problem.

Shipping delays, of course!

The huge influx of online orders can lead certain retailers to become overwhelmed – and experts have predicted that this year could be the worst yet.

Which is why shopping at Blue Kazoo is a fabulous idea.

They’re offering their Black Friday discounts early this year, so you can avoid the annoying waits.

Place your order right here!

You can be super-organized with your Christmas shopping.

Placing your order right now guarantees that you’ll have your puzzles in time for the holidays, skipping the longer shipping times Black Friday sales bring.

And the unlimited-use code SHIPSFREE means free shipping on each and every order.

And because Blue Kazoo is smart and kind, they’ve made the code active right now. So you can get your bargainous orders in before the holiday shipping delays start.

Don’t wait and miss out on getting your orders in time!

This is a Black Friday discount before Black Friday even happens!

Oh, and that’s not all.

Blue Kazoo is also offering every customer a single-use code to get 20% off.
Simply apply JUST4YOU to your order to get one-fifth of the price discounted.

There’s never been a better time to place your puzzle order.

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Not only can you rest assured you’re getting the very best price, but you also don’t have to wait extended times for shipping.

Blue Kazoo has a whole host of fabulous puzzles.

Whether you’re an art fan, a space lover, or simply want to test your patience with their impossible all-color puzzles, the store is jam-packed with tempting options.

Order now and know you’ll be getting the best deal, and that your order will arrive in ample time.

But make sure you apply the codes JUST4YOU to get 20% off one order, and SHIPSFREE to get free shipping an unlimited number of times.