Blue Kazoo Doesn’t Even Know Why People Are Attempting Their Sun Puzzle

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Everyone loves a good challenge, right? And the guys over at Blue Kazoo are no different.

That was their main motivation behind their magnificent Sun puzzle and let me tell you, everyone’s trying to get a piece of the action. Most of them don’t succeed (and after seeing the puzzle, you’ll understand why!) but their valiant attempts don’t go unnoticed.

Have a look for yourselves…

Blue Kazoo really knows how to get us excited!

These gorgeous puzzles created by the guys at Blue Kazoo have brought us some happiness, even during the most difficult times and I’m glad to be sharing them with you.

But one particular one has been stealing the spotlight for a long time now…

The Sun puzzle and if we’re being honest, we know exactly why.

This unique jigsaw combines the intensity as well as the beauty of the fiery star…

All in 1,000 high-quality, sturdy pieces!

Even if you manage to score a trip to space in the future, we guarantee you’ll never see the sun quite like this.

The amount of sheer intensity in this single jigsaw puzzle is beyond belief — so much so, the only way you’ll truly understand is if you get a glimpse of it in real life.

So it’s no wonder why it’s one of the company’s best-selling puzzles…

The flares of light across this image are the sun preparing to erupt with a “coronal mass ejection,” during which a tremendous amount of plasma explodes from the sun’s surface.
If you’re like me, and you don’t really get “scientific talk”, it just means it’s very bright…

And according to their customers, it’s also very impossible.

It’s gotten to that point where even the guys are Blue Kazoo are wondering why people are bothering to attempt it.

And if you want to expand your horizons like everyone else seems to be doing, why not try the Earth straight after?

Thanks to the Terra satellite, this crazy puzzle gives an inside look at the sunshine across the Americas, coupled with the stunning night sky in cities across Europe and Africa — all at the same time.

Get it from Blue Kazoo

And after you’ve finished that one…

The Moon will be waiting patiently for you. Just like the previous puzzles, it is 26.5-inches when complete and can be the perfect addition to any room when framed.

Get it from Blue Kazoo

Only the most courageous puzzlers would even attempt to take on such masterpieces.

Many have tried and failed, but amongst them have been a few victorious warriors. It may have taken hours upon hours of careful planning and execution, but that comes with the challenge that is the Earth Series.

Get it from Blue Kazoo

Are you brave enough to get in on the action?

Click here to get your hands on the Sun puzzle, as well as the Earth and Moon.
Happy puzzling, folks!