‘Bob’s Burgers’ Actor Banned from Voicing Cartoon Character Over Alleged Capitol Riot Involvement

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Bob’s Burgers actor, Jay Johnston, has been banned from voicing Jimmy Pesto Sr, due to his alleged involvement in the Capitol Riot on January 6.

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Bob’s Burgers’ actor, Jay Johnston, has been banned from voicing the character.

And it’s all due to his alleged Capitol Riot involvement, according to the Daily Beast.


However the details are somewhat sketchy.

The actor on the show, Jay Johnston, was identified as attending the January 6 riot, and Johnston’s character of Jimmy Pesto Sr. has been noticeably absent from the past season.


The Daily Beast says two sources have since come forward to confirm that the actor wouldn’t be returning to the show.

One of the sources reportedly told the Daily Beast that the cast and crew of Bob’s Burgers and Fox were not looking to make “a big deal” about the actor’s blacklisting.


It hasn’t, however, been proven that Johnston attended the riot.

A photograph went viral of a man resembling Johnston at the riot, however, it has not been confirmed to be Johnston. It has also not been confirmed if the person in the photograph is not Johnston either. So your guess is as good as mine.


Other actors have claimed Johnston attended the rally.

But so far it’s just their word against his… All will be revealed in the future.